Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Siobhan Won't Shriek Forever After On Idol

In another jam-packed Idol results show, Siobhan Magnus was voted out over fellow bottom 3 dwellers Casey James and Michael Lynche. Siobhan, who was making her first bottom 3 appearance, became one of just seven contestants to ever get the boot while singing in the pimp spot (also Lilly Scott, Anoop Desai, David Archuleta, Melinda Doolittle, Anthony Fedorov, Clay Aiken ... thanks @j_tak!).

I'm not all too surprised at Siobhan's boot, although I did pick her to win the whole thing at the start of the semifinal rounds. But her incessant shrieking and glory-noting for no good reason just began to grate, and she has now left Crystal Bowersox as the last girl standing in the supposed "Year of the Girls". LMAO.

Crammed into this results show was a performance by Rascal Flatts at the top of the show and a segment pimping Shrek Forever After, complete with video of the contestants watching the movie with Shrek headgear and an awkward live segment with Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz. Sons of Sylvia (the band formerly known as The Clark Brothers, who won that really lame The Next Great American Band show and whose lead singer Ashley Clark played with Carrie Underwood) worked their connections and got a plum performance slot. Lady Antebellum schooled every other non-Idol alum recording artist who has performed on Idol this year with an awesome vocal on "Need You Now" (I. LOVE. THIS. SONG.) And Rascal Flatts returned to the stage to sing with ... Shakira? Eh?

So Siobhan is out, and the Top 5 will be singing Frank Sinatra songs next week. Standards night have historically been good ones, so hopefully this group somehow carries on the tradition set by Kelly Clarkson.

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Kimberwyn said...

getting booted w/ the pimp spot is pretty rare. It used to be virtually impossible pre top 4 week, but Anoop broke the curse last year. ~*the more you know*~