Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Music From Brooke White

Brooke White debuted a new song at her concert Mar. 31 at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. The song is called "I'm Not Sorry":

Brooke had a 40 minute or so set, singing Here Comes The Rain Again/Radio Radio, Phoenix, Little Bird, I'm Not Sorry, Use Somebody, California Song, Smile, High Hopes & Heartbreak, and Rhiannon. I love her voice so much; it's so unique. And she just radiates happiness when she smiles. Love her!

Here's Smile, which she says she doesn't perform very much because it's just her on piano:

And her cover of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon:


Anonymous said...

The music is great, but videos are ridiculously useless.

Water Cooler Convo said...

Shrug. Did the best I could under the circumstances. Lighting was beyond dim.

Andy said...

H2Oconvo...this is great, thank you for posting. I love her voice and any video is great.