Friday, April 16, 2010

Kris Allen Opens For Lady Antebellum

Kris Allen opened for one of the hottest acts in music right now, Lady Antebellum, at the Wiltern in Los Angeles on Apr. 15. Lady Antebellum currently holds the No. 1 song in HAC and AC and the No. 4 song in Top 40 radio with the smash song "Need You Now" and the No. 1 song in country with "American Honey." This kind of exposure is BIG.

Kris had the full band with him and sang "Can't Stay Away", "Heartless"/"Gangsta's Paradise", "Is It Over", "Red Guitar", "The Truth", "Alright With Me", "Live Like We're Dying" and "Come Together". Kris opening for Lady A wasn't widely known, so when he came out to start the show, the crowd went a little bonkers, especially the girl in front of me who totally lost it. You can hear it in the "Can't Stay Away" video. :)

I wasn't sure how "Heartless"/"Gangsta's Paradise" would fly with this country crowd, but they loved it. I think I underestimated how much casual Idol viewers loved this performance. "Is It Over" sounded great live as usual. "Red Guitar" was gorgeous. I still prefer acoustic "The Truth" over full band "The Truth", but I enjoyed this one too. Kris got the sing-along going on "Alright With Me", which I think went over really well with the crowd (coughSecondSinglecough). I felt like the audience did have familiarity with "Live Like We're Dying", which is great considering only one station in LA is actually playing it. And "Come Together" was So. Much. Fun. The crowd really got into this one.

Lady Antebellum then came out, and I was soooo impressed by them. They are fantastic. I am a total fan now. I went home and purchased their first album to go along with the latest one that I bought when it came out. They are really entertaining, and the vocals are just great. When they came out to sing "Need You Now", the crowd went nuts, and we all sung along to the song so loudly that I couldn't even hear Charles and Hillary sing. It was one of those great concert moments. Just wow.

But that wasn't even the top moment of the show. For the encore, they sang "Hello World" and brought Josh Groban out to sing with them. JOSH! GROBAN! Talking about everyone going nuts. That was such a big surprise. And they weren't done. After the surprise performance, they finished up by singing "Hey Jude" and then brought Kris back to sing after the first chorus. It brought back such good memories of the Idol tour.

I was standing up in the front, so it was hard for me to gauge audience reaction except for what was surrounding me, but I thought the crowd enjoyed Kris's set and was really excited to see him. You can really tell in this video, which was shot far back. When Charles Kelley introduces Kris, the crowd goes nuts, and they get even louder when Kris starts to sing. :)

I didn't video the whole set because my camera battery was draining. And it died after I got about a minute of Josh Groban singing. So no Hey Jude, but others did. Here's HD quality from SnapCracklyPop. And the full song from Fourteen Plums, which also has a different angle on some hilarious dancing by Kris in Come Together:

Here are my videos -

Can't Stay Away:

Is It Over:

Red Guitar:

Come Together:

Lady Antebellum's R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A./What I Like About You mashup:

Lady Antebellum's I Run To You:

For the full Kris Allen set, here's a link to SnapCracklyPop's playlist.



Anonymous said...

I'd been up since 4:30 this morning and been waiting for this posting since I missed the concert. Not sure why the concert is not heavily promoted. Thank you for posting. Kris and his band sounds so good. His voice is so generic that you can listen to him singing all day long. It is a big exposure for Kris and everyone seems to enjoyed his performance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the videos & the commentary. Looks like this was a great concert.