Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Allison Iraheta Celebrates 18th Birthday With Kris Allen, David Cook

American Idol 2009 winner David Cook leaves STK restaurant and shares a laugh with the paparazzi
The night before her 18th birthday, Allison Iraheta celebrated with some of her Idol family, going out to dinner with Kris Allen and David Cook on Monday evening. Also in attendance were Allison's mother, Kris's wife Katy, David's brother Andrew and Kris's friend/bandmate Cale Mills.

Paparazzi caught a lot of the group's interaction after dinner as they waited for their cars. The paps are SOOOO clueless. One of them calls them "Daves", implying that Kris is David Archuleta. And then he goes on to say to Cook, "didn't you almost missed your audition because you was trying to go to China?" Cook just said, "I'm really confused by the way this conversation is going, but yeah, I'm gonna go with you."

Here's an unedited video from

And more video from X17:

Happy Birthday, Allison!

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