Thursday, April 08, 2010

AI9 Top 9 Results: The Big Save

In a shocking result show, Michael Lynche was revealed as the lowest vote-getter amongst the bottom 3 of himself, Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia. Big Mike got a reprieve, however, when the judges unanimously voted to keep him in the competition with the judges' save after another stellar vocal performance of "This Woman's Work."

Prior to the save, there was a good 55 minutes of filler. The group sang a medley of Beatles songs. Oh wait, excuse me ... they lip-synched a medley of Beatles songs. And it was all kind of lifeless. I mean, geez. Last year, they had the blind albatross to work with on group numbers but still managed to make them fun. This year? Not so much, unless you count the literal dancing that occured on the "I Gotta Feeling" number during the line "jump off the sofa." And closing with "In The End"? Been there, done that two years ago.

Guest performances tonight came from Jason DeRulo, David Archuleta and Rihanna. DeRulo, a Kara DioGuardi prodigy, sang a little bit of "Whatcha Say" before going into this big production of "In My Head." He name-checked himself, as he always does in his songs, and then kind of made a hot mess out of his singing. DeRulo looked like he was trying a little too hard to be a mix of Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Adam Lambert with that jacket. After his performance, Ryan actually went to the judges for comments, which they don't do often. Kara, naturally, gushed. Simon even told him "well done." Meh. Archie was the second performer and sang "Imagine." I thought he sounded great! And once again, the S7 and S8 alumni come in and show the S9ers (not to mention the other pros!) how it's done. It was announced prior to that Rihanna would be singing "Te Amo", but she instead sang "Rockstar 101". Uhh ... this song sucks. "Te Amo" is better and much more interesting than "Rockstar 101", and "Fire Bomb" is even better than both of those other two songs put together. If this is her new single, I think they made a mistake.

Oh, and the Idols continue to be total stiffs during the guest performers' songs. During DeRulo's performance, whenever they were on the screen, they just looked SO. BORED. I couldn't even see feet tapping. I don't know why it's a pet peeve with me, but I think Cory the warm-up guy needs to step in and work his magic with the contestants because the audience is plenty lively!

But with what lay ahead, I guess I couldn't really blame them for being self-absorbed since Ryan announced at the top of the show that there was a "shocking" result. Which immediately let me know that Tim Urban was safe. He seemed pretty loose himself, as usual. Before results started to get announced early in the show, Ryan Seacrest asked Tim about being nervous, and in true Teflon Tim fashion, he just smiled and said they just sang some great Beatles tunes and it doesn't get any better than this. LOL TIM WILL NOT CRACK!

So with Mike being saved, the save is no longer in play, and two contestants will be eliminated. Big Mike's fans now KNOW they have to vote, so he should be ok. Andrew, Aaron and Katie, on the other hand, they should probably start packing just in case.

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