Tuesday, April 06, 2010

AI9 Lennon/McCartney Night: We Can Work It Out

I'll admit that I bitched and moaned when I heard that this week's theme for the Top 9 was Lennon/McCartney. I was expecting something along the lines of the ill-advised second week of Beatles night in Season 7. But I'll give these guys some credit - it was much better than I anticipated, with even a few standout performances towards the middle/end. Not to mention some outstanding video packages featuring Andrew Garcia professing his love to Tim Urban, and Crystal Bowersox letting the world know about the great Landrew romance where they're going to have Danny Gokey babies. Danny Gokey babies, y'all!

Aaron Kelly - The Long And Winding Road (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
Zzzzzz. Which shouldn't be a surprise with Aaron. Nor is it a surprise that he keeps picking these types of songs that successful past Idols have done before (David Archuleta this week, Kris Allen last week, David Cook the week before). Aaron's voice sounded a bit rough there at the end. And he definitely messed up a lyric: "You left me standing here many times ago". Uhh that doesn't even make sense. LMAO at Simon calling him "sweet-EE". Aaron effed up by saying he definitely did not want to change the song up because it's a Beatles song. You really have no clue, do you, little boy? Buh-Bye.

Katie Stevens - Let It Be (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
Wow. Katie said she would take to prom the person who has voted for her most. CoughWHORECough. The judges gave her quite the tongue-bath, but I'm not impressed. See, I've seen this done in such a heartfelt manner on the Idol stage twice. Brooke White made me CRY, y'all. Kris Allen made me cry. Katie was just ... singing. Katie did not bare her soul like those two did on that song. Sure, it sounded fine. For her. I personally thought she sang it in too high of a key. And the judges? Way to make it ALL. ABOUT. YOU. Simon takes credit for telling her to sing it country (WTF? That didn't sound country!), Kara starts singing it like she did to Bikini Girl last year. But any sympathy I had for Katie there went out the window with Katie looking smug throughout her critiques and then saying she "moved her" when Kara started leaving her chair. UGH HAAAAAAAAAATE!

Andrew Garcia - Can't Buy Me Love (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
I actually didn't mind the arrangement of the song. Unfortunately, I just really don't like the tone of his voice. AT ALL. And Andrew does nothing on stage but stand there and play while peering down his glasses like Mr. Magoo. He's way past his expiration date.

Michael Lynche - Eleanor Rigby (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
I'm not sure about this arrangement, and there are still lots of moments where his stage movements are SO hammy and unwatchable, but his vocals were good, which is more than I can say for some of the others this year. I didn't think he made it all that contemporary like Randy and Kara were going on about, though.

Crystal Bowersox - Come Together (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
Oooh a didgeridoo on stage! I really like this vibe. Unfortunately, I did fear on more than a few occasions, though, that Crystal was about to forget the lyrics, and I think she did at least once. That was quite a bit distracting, especially when she started to sing off the mic, as if she was looking on the side of her hand at the lyrics written on it.

Tim Urban - All My Lovin' (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
His video package talks about how Tim is always smiling (and Andrew is totally drinking Tim's milkshake LOL). Tim doesn't do enough of the smiling and shaking of his hair in this performance. I think he needed to be a bit more playful, but this was probably one of his better performances of the season from a vocal standpoint, using the Tim curve and the S9 curve. Thank goodness Randy Jackson asked him a question that allowed Tim to talk, shrug and smile. That ought to give him a bunch of extra votes.

Casey James - Jealous Guy (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
I really, really like this performance. Very understated and powerful. That cello was a great touch. Best performance of the night and his best of the season so far!

Siobhan Magnus - Across The Universe (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
See, Siobhan. When you're not freakin' SHRIEKING your voice is beautiful. The arrangement is a little sleepy and slow, but she sounded great. Her outfit is a different story, but whatever. But Siobhan, please don't bring your tears and personal problems to the stage, mmkay? Don't be a Gokey.

Lee DeWyze - Hey Jude (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
Speaking of Gokey, Andrew and Lee are going to have Danny Gokey babies, says Crystal! OMFG. That was amazing!!!! That was the best part of that whole package. Lee completely pussed out on the high notes and had a weak vocal. The bagpipes made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. As Simon said, it's like he turned up on the wrong show. LMAO yes.

In danger this week has got to be Aaron and Andrew. I'd put Katie in there too. I'm going to go with Aaron this week, although I would laugh heartily if Katie goes, leaving the group with six guys and TWO girls in the season that has been touted so hard as being the year a girl is going to win. Ha HA!

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