Friday, March 05, 2010

Video Of The Day - California Dreams Reunion

Jimmy Fallon's attempts at a Saved by the Bell Reunion never came to fruition (thanks a lot, Dustin Diamond and Tiffani Thiessen), but he got the next best thing on his show Thursday night - a California Dreams reunion!

This video below cuts outs the part where they all talked about what they're doing now (not a whole lot), Mr. Belding's cameo and Sly Winkle taking off his shirt. But they did leave the part in the end where the group sings the show's theme song. WOOF. They sound like a bunch of D-list actors pretending to be singers who haven't done this in years. Oh wait ...

Anyway, it's always fun to be reminded of bad TV shows from your youth (waves at 90210 and Melrose Place). Now when is that Hang Time reunion, Anthony Anderson?

The full episode is now up online at This segment is in the first chapter.

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DJT said...

This is fun!