Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lacey Brown Can't Get No Satisfaction

The first cut is the deepest, as Lacey Brown can attest. The redhead from Amarillo, TX was the first of the American Idol Top 12 to be eliminated. Lacey had a chance to sing for her life, as the judges' save was resurrected for a second season (with a slight twist - this year the contestants don't have to sing their song from this week, so Lacey sang "The Story"), but it was a futile effort, and the judges unanimously decided not to use the save.

In this results show, all of the good stuff happened in the beginning and the end. All that junk in the middle? YAWN. David Cook kicked off the show with a rockin' version of "Jumpin' Jack Flash". And once again, a former Idol contestant comes back and schools this season's contestants. This is not my favorite Rolling Stones song, but Cook sounded great, and his band was on fire, especially lead guitarist Neal Tiemann. In a quick interview after the performance, Ryan Seacrest revealed that Cook would be going to Africa with the United Nations Foundation for Idol Gives Back. :)

Things went way downhill after Cook left the stage. There was some lame Ford commercial involving paint balloons and Fords and a segment about the kids designing their own Ford Fiestas (and good lord, these cars are going to be FUG). Orianthi performed "According To You". Well, according to me, she can't sing live worth a lick. And she should stick to playing a kick-ass guitar and maybe backup vocals. Seriously, she was out of tune for most of her song. But still, compared to the third performer of the night, Ke$ha, Orianthi sounded like Kelly Clarkson. Ke$ha is just a monstrosity to music. Someone told me that Ghetto Gaga was actually lip-synching that shitty song "Blah Blah Blah". Holy hell. Lip-synching and it still sounded like ass?! How is she popular again???? I don't get it. At all. 

As far as the results go, Paige Miles and Tim Urban joined Lacey in the Bottom 3, with Tim being sent to safety first. It was quite interesting watching the reactions to each person's verdict as Ryan read them. Paige got sent to the stools, and no one as much as even patted her on the arm to show support. Tim and Andrew Garcia got their news together, and Andrew just sat down as Tim passed him on the way to the stools. And when Tim got to the stools, he and Paige didn't hug or anything. When Lacey and Casey James got their verdicts together, Casey didn't show Lacey any support. She even turned to him and got nothing in return. When Tim got sent to safety, there were no hugs between any of them. What a self-centered bunch of contestants. Also noted, none of them standing up during Cook's performance. Seriously, none of this would have happened with last year's contestants. Remember the Kris/Adam faceplant hugs? Or the whole group totally spazzing out when Stevie Wonder was performing? Or Allison enthusiastically clapping along despite being in the Bottom 3 when David Archuleta performed? Yeahhhhh ...

So next week is apparently Teen Idols night. Look out for some song suggestions later in the week.

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