Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kris Allen At The Kelly Lounge In Bakersfield

Kris Allen performed in Bakersfield Wednesday night at the first of several radio station shows this month. Hitting up the Kelly Lounge in Bakersfield, Kris and guitarist Andrew DeRoberts performed seven songs for contest winners.

The setlist was:
Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise
Before We Come Undone
Alright With Me
The Truth
Man In The Mirror
Live Like We're Dying
Red Guitar (Encore)

Videos courtesy apriljoiex83:

Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise:

Before We Come Undone:

Alright With Me:

The Truth:

Man In The Mirror:

Live Like We're Dying:

Red Guitar:

Q&A on stage
Arkansas banter
Platinum banter

And from the Bakersfield media:
Man In The Mirror - from soundcheck
Interview with Kelly Radio - Kris talks about touring with Keith Urban
Interview with Bakersfield Now - Kris talks about his platinum single


Anonymous said...

The MITM video must be from soundcheck. He sounded beautiful. Thanks for this.

Kimberwyn said...

The show was great! Kris was hilarious with all his banter in between songs. He talked about his ringtone, said he wore boxer briefs (lol at someone asking him that) and said that no one should get a tattoo of his name anywhere. There were some people sitting on stage on a couch (dont ask, this is bakersfield) and one guy got up to leave and Kris just ragged on him and was like "yeah we dont want you here!" lol.

They played LLWD a bit differently, I think? They kept playing the hook from the beginning through the chorus. And some of the harmonies with Andrew were different.

I got some video of BWCU and a couple of pics, Ill try and get them off my camera.

Water Cooler Convo said...

Thanks for the details, Kim! Glad you had a good time! :)