Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Idol Left Scrambling Due To Bowersox Medical Issues

"Medical issues" for American Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox have caused the show to flip the order of performances this week. Instead of the girls performing tonight as scheduled, the guys will perform a day earlier. "Mamasox", as Randy dubbed her, is expected to perform on Wednesday with the rest of the girls.

Fox's statement on the issue was simply: "Due to medical issues which would prevent Crystal Bowersox from performing tonight, the 10 male semifinalists will perform this evening, and the 10 female semifinalists will perform tomorrow night."

US Weekly is reporting that Crystal's medical issues are diabetes related.

Not to take her medical condition lightly (and I do wish her a full recovery - she is one of my favorites!), but does anyone doubt that Crystal isn't one of the chosen ones this year or that Idol doesn't want a girl to win this year? You can bet your bottom dollar that if the likes of Jermaine Sellers or Michelle Delamor were sick, this show shuffling wouldn't be happening. I like Crystal, but just sayin'.

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