Wednesday, March 03, 2010

AI9 Top 10 Guys Perform

After being told at 10:30 in the morning that they would be performing tonight instead of tomorrow, it would have been somewhat understandable if the guys were a hot mess and completely unprepared. Fortunately, it was not as bad as it could have been, and some of them actually were infinitely better than they were last week. But considering how appalling they were last week, that's kind of like telling the guy in a race who came in 47th place out of 48 runners a week after coming in dead last, hey, you did better, dude!

In some instances (coughTimcough) I feel like some of the "praise" they got were just because they didn't suck as much as they did a week ago. I really wish my college professors had graded on this kind of a curve:

Hey your paper last week was horribly written and researched and deserved that D, but your grammar and typing was much improved for this one, so we're gonna give you a C+ even tho u tiped lick this and written wordz out like u wuz texting. LOLOLOL

While some were "improving", others were taking a step back. I'm looking at you, Casey James, Andrew Garcia and Lee Dewyze. The judges still gave them somewhat of a pass for their transgressions, but they can't coast on their past performances forever. Nor should they.

Michael Lynche - It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World by James Brown (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Big Mike threw down a bluesy, soulful performance that earned a standing ovation from Randy. I'm not sure I'd have gone that far, but in retrospect, after all these crappy performances so far this season, I'd almost say it was worthy. Big Mike doing curls with Aaron Kelly substituting as the weights was AMAZING.

John Park - Gravity by John Mayer (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Well, it was better than last week at least. John can sing, but the dude is a BORING performer. There's no emotion, no passion when he sings. He just sings. His stoic delivery coupled with the slow build of that song made it another snooze-fest for the second-straight week.

Casey James - I Don't Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
The song lyrics are "I don't want to be anything other than me." Errr, then why would you purposely pick a song that so many Idol contestants have done? I mean, seriously, this song is approaching "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" levels. Let's put it this way ... when Michael Sarver is tweeting to not "critisize others" shortly after Casey's performance, I think that's saying a lot (nice gesture from him, btw). I agreed with Kara on this one - he took a step back on this performance. If you can even really call it a performance. Outside of that guitar solo at the end, there was absolutely nothing dynamic about it at all. Casey just stood there rooted to the ground while he sang/play. So boring to watch.

Alex Lambert - Everybody Knows by John Legend (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Alex wins most improved after going from looking like he was going to either hurl or pee in his pants to looking almost relaxed while playing guitar. I think he may even have cracked a smile or two. He's so going to use that guitar the rest of the season, isn't he? Alex has the most distinct voice of the group, and he also seems to have the best musical taste so far. That mullet still needs to go, but he's starting to become a contender after delivering one of the Top 2 or 3 performances of the night.

Todrick Hall - What's Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
I actually liked this a lot more than the judges did, and I couldn't stand what he did to Kelly Clarkson's song last week. I thought he sang it well, although I do agree with the judges in the fact that, aside from his original song in his audition, he's ONLY done complete re-arrangements to female songs. It's frustrating, I'm sure to hear the judges tell him one thing while telling another contestant another, but he needs to figure out a happy medium with his arrangements.

Jermaine Sellers - What's Going On by Marvin Gaye (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
What's going on? Your stank attitude, Jermaine. And your oversinging. And I don't think God has your survival on a reality TV show as a priority right now (or ever). I'm pretty sure He has more important things to be concerned with. You know, like the victims of the earthquakes in Chile and Argentina and Haiti. Can I get an amen?

Andrew Garcia - You Give Me Something by James Morrison (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Andrew really blew his wad in the first Hollywood performance by doing "Straight Up." Kris Allen didn't bust out "Heartless" till the week before the finale. That's how you win a show, Andrew. He's pretty much screwed. People are expecting him to do that same thing, so when he doesn't, they're disappointed. But when he does, it doesn't live up to the original or he becomes one-note. Andrew's voice isn't even all that great to win on its own merits, and I have no idea what kind of singer he is supposed to be. He may have built up a huge fanbase from Hollywood week, but I think he's going to gradually lose it.

Aaron Kelly - My Girl by The Temptations (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Watching Aaron Kelly is like deja vu. His music sensibilities and performance skills are straight outta season 1. MY GIRL?! How in the heck is this even relevant at all? He's like a Jim Verraros/Kevin Covais/David Archuleta hybrid (with apologies to David Archuleta). Aaron, for the most part, can sing, but he's too young for this, and it's all so junior high talent show for me. That neck roll thing he kept doing made me face-palm. Do. Not. Want.

Tim Urban - Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Tim was much better this week than last, but I'm not sure he could have been much worse. Apologize was one of the worst vocal performances ever at this stage of the show. I have a distinct feeling that Tim isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He's got the improvement arc, he's cute, he has a good sense of humor, and Vote for the Worst is backing him. He may also have done enough on his own merits to stay because I don't think he was one of the worst two. And he picked a really good song (and stayed within a five-note range). But if you want to download that song, download Matt Nathanson's. His whole album is really good.

Lee Dewyze - Lips Of An Angel by Hinder (preorder)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
And on the other side of the song-selection spectrum is Lee. Last week, he picked one of my all-time favorite songs. This time, he picked one of my least-favorite songs of all time. Seriously, Lee? Lips of an Angel?! The world does not need another Nickelback/Shinedown clone. And he and Alex Lambert seem to have switched performance personalities. This week Lee looked downright TERRIFIED while singing. He looked like he was shaking at some point. Very uncomfortable to watch.

Who's going home? I'm going with John Park and Jermaine Sellers. Todrick Hall is also a possibility.

Tomorrow the girls give it a go. The LA Times has a source saying that Crystal Bowersox will be good to go. She could stand there and play her harmonica and not sing and still get through on votes because of the sympathy factor. I'm sure she will do just fine. Both Megan Joy and David Cook delivered stellar performances after/being sick (Walking After Midnight and Little Sparrow).


teamaims said...

Noooooooo. Aaron Kelly will win this season of Idol. He just needs to sing country songs and he can get their votes. LOL, I really think he's the only guy who has a chance.

Hypnotik said...

i just found this blog.. And I like it. :)

I totally agree with the Andrew Garcia/Kris Allen comment. That's exactly what I was thinking. Every performance from him is going to be a letdown. If only he had saved the "Straight Up" performance for the Top 12 or something.

And Alex Lambert was surprisingly good. He should be safe.

But I'll have to respectfully disagree on the Lips of an Angel comment. Yes, Lee Deywze's performance wasn't very good. But the song itself is AWESOME. Yes, Yes, Nickelback/Hinder sucks balls and sings canned music etc., etc. but I don't care. LOVE the song. :D