Monday, March 15, 2010

AI9 Top 12 Theme - Rolling Stones

The Top 12 theme for American Idol Season 9 has been announced as music by the Rolling Stones, and the contestants have a list of 50 songs to choose from. For the first time, Idol is making this list public on iTunes.

Here's the list:
As Tears Go By
Beast of Burden
Black Limousine
Brown Sugar
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Country Honk
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Emotional Rescue
Fool to Cry
Get Off My Cloud
Gimme Shelter
Hang Fire
Heart of Stone
Honky Tonk Women
Hot Stuff
It's All Over Now
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Lady Jane
The Last Time
Let It Bleed
Live With Me
Love In Vain
Midnight Rambler
Miss You
Mother's Little Helper
19th Nervous Breakdown
No Expectations
Paint It, Black
Play With Fire
Salt of the Earth
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
She Was Hot
She's a Rainbow
She's So Cold
Shine a Light
Start Me Up
Street Fighting Man
Sympathy for the Devil
Time Is On My Side
Too Tough
Tumbling Dice
Under My Thumb
Waiting On a Friend
Wild Horses
You Can't Always Get What You Want

I'm not sensing all that much savvy with this group here, so I have a strong feeling that it will be most of the hits being sung. That's mostly what happened when Canadian Idol did a Rolling Stones night.

Even though it's way too late to make suggestions, I'm just going to list below what I think they should sing, or make predictions. Disclaimer: I'm not the most well-versed on Rolling Stones music. Join in with opinions/suggestions/predictions!

Aaron Kelly - I think he's the one most likely to have trouble this week. He's too young to be singing a lot of these songs, and he's a guy, so he's going to get unfavorably compared to Mick Jagger. There is no way he can pull off Mick Jagger, so he needs to totally reinvent the wheel, something we have yet to see from him. If I were him, I would do something totally outrageous. Even if it sucks, at least it will be memorable. So with that in mind, he may as well do the Stones' most popular song - "Satisfaction" - and strut around like Jagger. It will be hilarious and awful, but that kind of performance rarely gets someone kicked off (Hi, Sanjaya!!!).

Andrew Garcia - Since he says the judges need to get over "Straight Up", I think he might stay away from trying to reinvent the wheel this week. I think "Beast of Burden" would fit his vocals pretty well.

Casey James - I'd go with "Honky Tony Women" for Casey. He has the voice for country/rock.

Crystal Bowersox - I expect Crystal to shine this week. She has several options here, be it rock or gospel or blues. I'd like to hear Crystal rock out on "Gimme Shelter" or go a little gospel-y again with "Shine A Light"

Didi Benami - This is a real mismatch for Didi, but she might be able to do "As Tears Go By". I don't really see anything else on the list that suits her.

Katie Stevens - Without a doubt, she will do "Wild Horses", unless someone else (Didi or Lacey) strong-arms it from her. Whether or not she does it Susan Boyle style remains to be seen. If not SuBo-style, it will be Eva Avila-style.

Lacey Brown - With Lacey's uber-girly voice, I think her best bet is "Miss You".

Lee Dewyze - Lee's voice best fits the Stones' theme, but he should probably stay away from the most popular tunes so as to avoid any direct comparisons. I think "Angie" could be a good choice for him.

Michael Lynche - I know someone is going to choose "You Can't Always Get What You Want," so I really hope it's Big Mike. It's a great song, and it deserves to be sung by someone who can do it justice.

Paige Miles - I think Paige is going to go with "Start Me Up". She won't be able to resist such a big rock anthem.

Siobhan Magnus - I'd like to hear her tackle "As Tears Go By", but it might be too similar in tempo/style to her song last week. She needs to go up-tempo again this week. (SPOILER ALERT: She apparently has chosen "Paint It Black", which is a great song, although I think she could kill "Gimme Shelter" also.)

Tim Urban - I don't even know what to say about Tim. I can see him picking "Jumping Jack Flash". It's a fun song (and within his limited range.)

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