Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AI9 Top 12 - Please Go Home

American Idol Season 9 kicked off live performances on the big stage with a Rolling Stones night. Ironic considering that Mick Jagger is one of the biggest showmen in rock and roll, while this mostly-tepid group of contestants are the amongst the most amateur of performers Idol has seen in years. As Tommy Lee once told a contestant on Rock Star: Supernova, Mick Jagger is a showboat. "So show me some boat, BITCH!"

Not that the show was not without highlights - Crystal Bowersox continued to impress, Paige Davis battled and beat laryngitis, and, if you ask the judges, Siobhan Magnus outdid Crystal with an Adam Lambert-like vocal performance. But if you ask me, that performance was more Danny Gokey Scream On-like than Adam Lambert. So there you go ...

(If you're wondering about the Please Don't Go part at the top, it's a Stones song. And I can name at least 5 people that I would like to see go home this week. Sadly, only one can go.)

Michael Lynche - "Miss You" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
Being a big guy, sometimes his movements look so lumbered and awkward. Tonight was one of those times. He definitely seems comfortable up there, but his moves look so strange, especially being all by himself on the stage. Also, I wasn't wild about the arrangement or song choice for him.

Didi Benami - "Play With Fire" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
The song is kind of a bore, but she looks like a totally different Didi. She looks a lot more comfortable and very emotive. Maybe the stupid swaybots in the pit actually give her power rather than suck it away like a vortex. Go figure.

Casey James - "It's All Over Now" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
I kind of get where Simon was going with that, because Casey again pretty much just stood there and played, but what I don't get is why Casey is the only one who gets that critique. This whole grading on a curve business has got to stop.

Lacey Brown - "Ruby Tuesday" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
There goes Lacey sitting on the stage again. Also, what is she wearing? Love the hair, though. Oh, she sang?

Andrew Garcia - "Gimme Shelter" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
I was really hoping Crystal would do this song. Andrew reminds me of Gokey trying to rock (minus the screaming note of death). Where is the passion?

Katie Stevens - "Wild Horses" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
I feel like she's trying to be the next Katharine McPhee but the Jr. Miss Teen version of Kat McPhee. Is that such a good idea? Kat had some pitch issues on some songs, and Katie did here as well. That it was probably her best performance in voting rounds says a lot about how she shouldn't have made it this far.

Tim Urban - "Under My Thumb" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
This was kind of like Nadia Turner doing that weird version of "Time After Time', minus mohawak. Tim took the right approach by not trying to invite direct comparisons to Jagger, but this reggae/calypso version just did not work. And it confused the out-of-rhythm swaybots even more. It was pretty hilarious to watch them try to clap along to the beat of that one!

Siobhan Magnus - "Paint It, Black" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
Good: Dramatics. Bad: Doing her own version of "Scream On" with that Gokey-esque scream at the end. Long and loud glory note does not always equal good, Siobhan. Ugh.

Lee Dewyze - "Beast Of Burden" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
He's totally singing out of his throat. When he tried to sustain the longer notes, it sounded so painful. Still, one of the better vocals of the mediocre performances tonight.

Paige Miles - "Honky Tonk Women" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
For someone who has laryngitis, she sounds pretty good. And she's selling the song too and giving some much-needed energy to the stage.

Aaron Kelly - "Angie" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
Aaron did fine vocally, but he just bores me. It's like the same performance every week, with the exception of that one Motown song.

Crystal Bowersox - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (studio version | performance video)
(Original: iTunes | Amazon)
Sorry, Simon, but Crystal was easily the best of the field tonight. Her voice is really something. The only minor quibble is that she could up the performance level, but she is already starting to do that and improve in that regard.

Who should go home? Tim obviously, but I don't think he's going anywhere. Except for that hair, Lacey is extremely forgettable. I think she's going to be the first to go. Texas can't vote-split forever. Andrew has a chance as well. His stock is fading really fast. I also wouldn't rule out Big Mike. He went first, and I already forgot about him by the time the show ended.   

David Cook! on Wednesday's results show. He's going to be singing "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and schooling these rookies. And Orianthi and Ke$ha and, most likely, a Stones medley. Too many hits ("Start Me Up", "Satisfaction", "It's Only Rock & Roll", "Brown Sugar") were left off the table for me to think it isn't going to be a medley. Bring on the pointy poses!

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avanti71 said...

I think the top12 are so so this year, and I have not made a vote call yet.

However, Siobhan started to get on my nerves now. She looked like Jaws mother...a lot of bad teeth..with an annoying scream at the end everytime.