Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Kris Allen Ford Fusion Hybrid Commercials

Kris Allen's Ford Fusion Hybrid commercial where he tells us that the music is in the car, you know, forever now, has been shown on every episode of American Idol this season. Turns out there are more!

Ford uploaded three more commercials with Kris. They're as adorable as the first one, especially the video games one. The first two videos use "Alright With Me" (iTunes | Amazon) like the original video does. The last one uses "Written All Over My Face" (iTunes | Amazon).

Kris picking the Ford Fusion Hybrid really paid off in more ways than one. Not only did he land these commercials, but he (probably more importantly to him) is saving the environment and saving some money on gas. I don't think he's making these commercials if he had chosen, say, the Ford Mustang or Ford Escape. These ads have resulted in sales, as "Alright With Me" has seen jumps on the iTunes charts after each Idol episode.

Here are the new videos ...

"Pretty much it's like a video game to me":

Saving money using the Sirius Travel Link:

"All you have to do is talk. I think most people are pretty good at that":

I noticed a couple of Ford commercials similar to Kris' on Survivor tonight. It would be awesome if they started showing the Kris commercials outside of Idol.

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