Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MTV News' Exclusive Kradison Interview

Jim Cantiello of MTV News scored an exclusive Kradison interview last Friday night before their New York City concert. I think this was the first interview Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta have done as a trio since they advanced out of Group 2 in the semifinals of American Idol a year ago. The 9-part interview is up on the MTV News website. Go check it out!

Part 1: Talking about their hair and Danny Gokey's absence

Part 2: About Kradison's superhero power, misconceptions and what they miss about each other

Part 3: Adam's overseas tour plans

Part 4: Kris talks about Swell Season covering his Falling Slowly/With Or Without You mashup, "grab-happy Asian girls" and misheard lyrics

Part 5: Talking about Allison's next single. Kris and Adam high-five each other over D is For Dangerous

Part 6: Adam and Allison talk about Live Like We're Dying, and Kris jokes about covering For Your Entertainment that night (Also, Allison's favorite on Kris' album is Red Guitar)

Part 7: Tour plans?

Part 8: How the Crazy collaboration came about

Part 9: How the show came about

1 comment:

avanti71 said...

My two top faves are "Live Like We're Dying" and "Red Guitar."

LOL. I could not believe it. Adam-anal-sunshine-lambert is outrageously funny.