Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Kris Allen On Eat Bulaga And Balitang America

Kris Allen just recently arrived in the Philippines and made his first television appearance there on the variety show Eat Bulaga. He wasn't on the show for very long, and he wasn't able to sing more than one line, a cappella, of "Live Like We're Dying" (his handlers said he was saving his voice), but he made a big impression with the the show's co-hosts. You could totally hear Pauleen Luna squeal and tell herself to keep it together after Kris hugged her. LOL!

Here's the interview (from thisistaks):

Before he left for the Philippines, Kris was interviewed by my girl Yong Chavez from ABS-CBN. Kris talked about his trip, and said he's really looking forward to meeting the fans. They will likely be playing more Idol stuff than usual because the Asian fans are such huge Idol fans. Yong teaches Kris a little Tagalog as well. He picked it up pretty well, actually.

You can catch part of her interview for Balitang America here:

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This girl was a sweetheart!