Monday, February 08, 2010

Kris Allen Malaysia Showcase

Kris Allen's Asia tour continued in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a showcase on Feb. 8. Kris had a press conference (Videos - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and autograph session (Video) at the Gardens Mall before the showcase and then went to the Gardens Ballroom to perform a nine-song set in front of about 1,000 fans.

The setlist was: Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Can't Stay Away, Before We Come Undone, The Truth, Red Guitar, Alright With Me, Live Like We're Dying, Is It Over, Come Together.

From everything I've seen in photos and videos, Malaysia loves them some Kris Allen. It was the total rock star experience for him - audience shrieking and holding out their arms to try to touch him throughout the show, girls shaking and crying, security putting the smack down and not letting him hug people anymore at the autograph session. And during his encore Come Together, Kris crowd surfed and threw his guitar picks. #krisallenrockstar indeed.

Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise:

Can't Stay Away:

The Truth:

Red Guitar:

Live Like We're Dying:

Alright With Me:

Come Together:

Thanks to joshuaongys, Leiasis and TheHotMagazine for the vids. Photos from both events can be seen at


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This guy Minzhi is unreal

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Kris is amazing.