Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kris Allen Goes Tribal

Kris Allen is getting quite the taste of the local flavor while in Asia. First, he ate the Filipino delicacy balut, then he tried the foul-smelling durian while doing an interview with a Singapore radio station (audio from when it happened on 987 and audio from Class 95 when he talks about it). Last night, he petted a boa constrictor (He passed on sitting with it and actually holding it. Cale and Andrew braved it, though) and played with fire while participating in the Thumbuakar Tribal Dance.

The one thing he did not do, though, was take off his shirt, like everyone in the video was telling him to. Dangit, Kris Allen. Don't be rude and insult the culture next time!

Thanks to his assistant Lizzie, who I assume is the one putting these videos up. These are AMAZING, and she's a goddess for doing these!

Kris and the band play with a boa:

Tribal Dance:

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