Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kris Allen At Zirca Nightclub In Singapore

Kris Allen wrapped up his Asia tour with an energetic concert at Zirca Nightclub in Singapore on Feb. 10. Kris and his band looked to be having a blast with the rowdy crowd. We're talking a little hysteria here. Kris played with some props given to him by audience members, played the bongo drums and basically got molested onstage by grabby-hands fans.

He played the same set as the Manila show (This was his first time repeating a set since the band came together. It was a good run there of unique set lists - 18 different shows in a row, I believe). The set list was: Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Can't Stay Away, Written All Over My Face, Before We Come Undone, The Truth, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Red Guitar, Falling Slowly/With Or Without You, Alright With Me, Live Like We're Dying, Ain't No Sunshine, and Come Together.

Concert videos are under the cut.

Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise:

Can't Stay Away:

Written All Over My Face:

Before We Come Undone:

The Truth:

Man In The Mirror:

Is It Over:

Red Guitar:

Falling Slowly/With Or Without You:

Alright With Me:

Ain't No Sunshine:

Come Together Video 1 (this gets really up-close and too personal):

Come Together Video 2:

Also, check out this interview with Kris in Singapore, where he talks about going to jail. Seriously. There was a warrant out for his arrest for an unpaid speeding ticket right before Idol started. And it was Idol who alerted him to it!

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Anonymous said...

I had seen all the videos of Kris Allen and his band, and all the outpouring support from his fans. They are all wonderful and everybody had a blast. Kris has improved overnight and I am so happy to see him having a good time.

We love you Kris.