Sunday, February 07, 2010

Favorite Super Bowl XLIV Commercials

The Super Bowl isn't just a sporting event - it's also one of the biggest showcases for corporate sponsors who spend millions of dollars for ad time during the broadcast, not to mention lord knows how much money filming the ad.

My favorites from this year's Super Bowl were:

Doritos - House Rules
A cute little boy gets over-protective of his mom and his Doritos.

Google - Parisian Love
This ad cleverly tells a love story through the use of Google's search engine.

Kia Sorento
Some toys come to life and go bowling, jet ski, make snow angels, cavort in hot tubs, ride mechanical bulls, get tattoos and drive in a Kia Sorento.

Volkswagen - PunchDub
People playing the game PunchDub, where you punch someone when you see a Volkswagen. Stevie Wonder gets in on the act at the end with Tracy Morgan.

Snickers - Football Game
A feisty Betty White, along with Abe Vigoda, make cameos in this commercial that has the tagline "You're not you when you're hungry".

Bud Light - T-Pain Voice Box
A bunch of guys start talking using auto tune. T-Pain comes in at the end and auto tunes a request to a girl at a party to pass the guacamole.

BTW - congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Super Bowl this year in their first ever Super Bowl appearance! I couldn't be happier for the city of New Orleans after all the devastation they have been through in recent years. Good for them! And sorry for your life, Peyton Manning, for pulling a Brett Favre there. Your previous Super Bowl trophies can console you, though.

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