Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AI9 Top 12 Guys Compete

After last night's debacle that was the Top 12 girls performance episode, I was expecting the guys to come in and really put a wrench into the "A GIRL IS GOING TO WIN" meme that the judges and TPTB have been shoving down our throats. Errr ... way to blow an opportunity, guys. Maybe the judges were right after all. :|

Todrick Hall - "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
So I know that changing tunes up is like the key to success on Idol these days, but JFC, Todrick, if we don't know what the hell you're singing, you're taking it too far. At least make it sound a little bit like the same song! The melody was gone, the whole feel of the song was gone. Ugh. He totally massacred it. As Simon said, "It was verging on stupid, what you just did." AGREED.

Aaron Kelly - "Here Comes Goodbye" by Rascal Flatts (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Oh look another ballad by Aaron. Oh and look - split screen pimpage. He has a good voice, but I cannot watch him sing. The way he stands is so awkward and weird. I think they want him to be Archie v2.0, but he's not nearly as good as Archie. After watching the rest of the episode, though, this is in the top half of performances on the night. Scary.

Jermaine Sellers - "Get Here" by Oleta Adams (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
So we all thought Todrick Hall was going to be the villain of S9? Yeah, we got that wrong. That role is definitely going to Jermaine, and it's all his own doing. What. A. Douche. "I got made out to look like a diva," he said after Ryan asked him about Hollywood week. Oh really? You were MADE OUT to be a diva? No, honey, you just WERE. And then to make matters worse, when Ryan asked if he and Michael made up, Jermaine goes, "Who is Michael?" OH HALE NO. BUH-BYE! Oh, and his performance? Um, song choice was bad (this isn't Season 1, dude), he was breathy through most of the first part of the song, and then when he started belting, he did his Wanya impression again with the ridiculous runs, and then he hit some really rank notes. Really, judges? You cut Jermaine Purifory for this dude? REALLY?!

Tim Urban - "Apologize" by OneRepublic (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
You know who needs to apologize? Chris Golightly for effing up his whole situation by signing a contract a few weeks before auditioning. WTF were you thinking, dude? If he hadn't gotten disqualified from the show, we could have been spared from Tim's awful performance. His falsetto .... OUCH.

Joe Munoz - "You And I Both" by Jason Mraz (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
I was bracing myself for the worst, because it seems like when most Idol contestants sing my favorite songs, they butcher them, but that was surprisingly pretty good, if not a little bit copycat. I'd even go so far as to call it the best of the night for me. Which is way surprising. Simon was being way too harsh with him. He was so much better than the other clowns who went before him.

Tyler Grady - "American Woman" by The Guess Who (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
That was an interesting opening - very bluesy. I think I would have liked it better if he had kept it all the way through because everything after that was just as Simon said - "pretend to be a rock star school"! It's totally true - in his package, he was talking about his persona and being a stage performer and all that. It's all so disingenuous and cliched. Although I do think he's doing it partially to mask his mediocre vocals.

Lee Dewyze - "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. Will he ruin it or be like Joe and do it justice? Uh, kind of in between. It started out okay, but he totally changed the melody when he got to the chorus. I don't think this song quite works with his raspy-ish vocals, but it was probably one of the more interesting performances of the night.

John Park - "God Bless The Child" by Billie Holliday (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
On the plus side, John showed A LOT more personality in his package than I had expected. On the minus side, he picked a really boring and non-current song. He has an interesting voice, though, and I'm a sucker for deep voices, but he really needs to pick it up with something current and relevant.

Michael Lynche - "This Love" by Maroon 5 (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Unlike Todrick, Big Mike changed up the melody in a way that made sense, and he kept the integrity of the song. Relative to the rest of the group, this was one of the better performances of the night (even if he basically used his guitar as a prop). I do have to laugh at Kara noting that they'd be more critical if the others hadn't sucked so much earlier. I think she's right.

Alex Lambert - "Wonderful World" by James Morrison (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
I'm sorry - I couldn't get past that hair. A mullet? Really? Good song choice, but it was soooo copycat. And the performance was very, very awkward.

Casey James - "Heaven" by Bryan Adams (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Stop sucking up to Kara, Casey. His vocals are alright, but he's seriously skeevy. And Kara is EMBARRASSING herself. "You're eye candy, but you're also ear candy." Oh god. He's not even that cute! But I guess everything is relative, right? No other cute boys, no other good voices.

Andrew Garcia - "Sugar We're Goin' Down" by Fall Out Boy (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Oh lookie here ... Andrew in the pimp spot. SHOCKER! He's already turning into a one-trick pony with his acoustic arrangements, and it's only week one in the semifinals. :| MIX IT UP! That was some serious pimping by the judges, who were pretty much excusing his mediocre performance by reminding everyone of his Paula Abdul cover. Pfffft.

Should go home: Jermaine, Tim
Will go home: Jermaine, Tim

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