Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adam Lambert Fan Gets Called Out, Lives To Brag About It Later

I'm sure everyone by now knows that Adam Lambert stopped a performance during an intimate iheartradio concert in the middle of a song to ask an audience member to stop talking on her phone (VIDEO).

The fan in question talked with Elvis Duran at Z100 today to clear things up. She says she was just holding up the phone so her 68-year old Glambert mother who couldn't go to the concert for medical reasons could hear. She blamed other people around her for talking and was very quick to point out that Adam was funny and good-natured and not rude about it.

Listen to the call here:

As soon as I heard this happened, I had a feeling the person in question would brag all over the place about it. And here we go! Unless Z100 did some big-time detective work, I'm thinking she called them? Anyway, she's not embarrassed about being called out by Adam at all! "I'll be the one that he remembers out of the 200 people who were there," she said. Ah, yes. That is certainly something to be proud about.

The non-interrupted Adam performances from that night are available to watch at MJSBigBlog.

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