Saturday, February 27, 2010

David Cook Morongo Concert

I went to the David Cook concert at Morongo Casino tonight. This was his first concert since New Year's Eve, and he's been busy writing songs for his next album. He played one of those new songs at the end of the show - it's called "U and I" and was co-written with David Hodges.

Also, his American Idol pal Carly Smithson showed up as a special guest to sing "Barracuda", a song she and David and Jason Castro had wanted to play on the Idol tour together.

The playlist: I Did It For You (I love this live. So much better than on the CD. Love the guitar orgy at the end!), Mr. Sensitive, Heroes, Kiss On The Neck, Lie, Declaration, Bar-ba-sol, Make Believe, Barracuda, Come Back To Me, Light On (encore), U And I (encore).

One thing that was really cool was that before one of his songs, David asked for not a moment of silence but cheering for the people of Haiti and Chile. It was a really nice, loud outpouring of love and support. :)

As always, Cook puts on a great show. My only complaint is that it seemed too short. But he looked and sounded fantastic, and we got a new song and Carly! I wasn't sure what to expect from the venue, but I thought the sound was really good, and I had a good view, so thumbs up for me.

U And I:



Make Believe:


Friday, February 26, 2010

Kris Allen's Let It Be Charity Single Available Now

Kris Allen's fantastic cover of the Beatles' "Let It Be" that he performed on American Idol last night to kick off Idol Gives Back is now available at iTunes as an mp3. All proceeds from sales of this single in the next 24 hours go directly to Haiti relief.


Kris Allen On Radio Disney

Kris Allen was a guest on Radio Disney's Take Over on Thursday. He was interviewed between songs and sang "Heartless" and "Live Like We're Dying" acoustic. Radio Disney has the video of the two performances plus his introduction up on their website.

Here's audio of the interviews:
Part 1 (Kris talks about auditioning for American Idol with his brother, his winning moment, the first time he heard his song on the radio, and cooking):

Part 2 (Kris talks about the Idol mansion, advice for S9 contestants, going to John Mayer concert, his band, Simon Cowell, and his most embarrassing moment):

ETA: Kris on the Radio Disney Weekend Countdown:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AI9 Top 12 Guys Compete

After last night's debacle that was the Top 12 girls performance episode, I was expecting the guys to come in and really put a wrench into the "A GIRL IS GOING TO WIN" meme that the judges and TPTB have been shoving down our throats. Errr ... way to blow an opportunity, guys. Maybe the judges were right after all. :|

Todrick Hall - "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
So I know that changing tunes up is like the key to success on Idol these days, but JFC, Todrick, if we don't know what the hell you're singing, you're taking it too far. At least make it sound a little bit like the same song! The melody was gone, the whole feel of the song was gone. Ugh. He totally massacred it. As Simon said, "It was verging on stupid, what you just did." AGREED.

Aaron Kelly - "Here Comes Goodbye" by Rascal Flatts (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Oh look another ballad by Aaron. Oh and look - split screen pimpage. He has a good voice, but I cannot watch him sing. The way he stands is so awkward and weird. I think they want him to be Archie v2.0, but he's not nearly as good as Archie. After watching the rest of the episode, though, this is in the top half of performances on the night. Scary.

Jermaine Sellers - "Get Here" by Oleta Adams (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
So we all thought Todrick Hall was going to be the villain of S9? Yeah, we got that wrong. That role is definitely going to Jermaine, and it's all his own doing. What. A. Douche. "I got made out to look like a diva," he said after Ryan asked him about Hollywood week. Oh really? You were MADE OUT to be a diva? No, honey, you just WERE. And then to make matters worse, when Ryan asked if he and Michael made up, Jermaine goes, "Who is Michael?" OH HALE NO. BUH-BYE! Oh, and his performance? Um, song choice was bad (this isn't Season 1, dude), he was breathy through most of the first part of the song, and then when he started belting, he did his Wanya impression again with the ridiculous runs, and then he hit some really rank notes. Really, judges? You cut Jermaine Purifory for this dude? REALLY?!

Tim Urban - "Apologize" by OneRepublic (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
You know who needs to apologize? Chris Golightly for effing up his whole situation by signing a contract a few weeks before auditioning. WTF were you thinking, dude? If he hadn't gotten disqualified from the show, we could have been spared from Tim's awful performance. His falsetto .... OUCH.

Joe Munoz - "You And I Both" by Jason Mraz (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
I was bracing myself for the worst, because it seems like when most Idol contestants sing my favorite songs, they butcher them, but that was surprisingly pretty good, if not a little bit copycat. I'd even go so far as to call it the best of the night for me. Which is way surprising. Simon was being way too harsh with him. He was so much better than the other clowns who went before him.

Tyler Grady - "American Woman" by The Guess Who (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
That was an interesting opening - very bluesy. I think I would have liked it better if he had kept it all the way through because everything after that was just as Simon said - "pretend to be a rock star school"! It's totally true - in his package, he was talking about his persona and being a stage performer and all that. It's all so disingenuous and cliched. Although I do think he's doing it partially to mask his mediocre vocals.

Lee Dewyze - "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. Will he ruin it or be like Joe and do it justice? Uh, kind of in between. It started out okay, but he totally changed the melody when he got to the chorus. I don't think this song quite works with his raspy-ish vocals, but it was probably one of the more interesting performances of the night.

John Park - "God Bless The Child" by Billie Holliday (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
On the plus side, John showed A LOT more personality in his package than I had expected. On the minus side, he picked a really boring and non-current song. He has an interesting voice, though, and I'm a sucker for deep voices, but he really needs to pick it up with something current and relevant.

Michael Lynche - "This Love" by Maroon 5 (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Unlike Todrick, Big Mike changed up the melody in a way that made sense, and he kept the integrity of the song. Relative to the rest of the group, this was one of the better performances of the night (even if he basically used his guitar as a prop). I do have to laugh at Kara noting that they'd be more critical if the others hadn't sucked so much earlier. I think she's right.

Alex Lambert - "Wonderful World" by James Morrison (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
I'm sorry - I couldn't get past that hair. A mullet? Really? Good song choice, but it was soooo copycat. And the performance was very, very awkward.

Casey James - "Heaven" by Bryan Adams (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Stop sucking up to Kara, Casey. His vocals are alright, but he's seriously skeevy. And Kara is EMBARRASSING herself. "You're eye candy, but you're also ear candy." Oh god. He's not even that cute! But I guess everything is relative, right? No other cute boys, no other good voices.

Andrew Garcia - "Sugar We're Goin' Down" by Fall Out Boy (preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Oh lookie here ... Andrew in the pimp spot. SHOCKER! He's already turning into a one-trick pony with his acoustic arrangements, and it's only week one in the semifinals. :| MIX IT UP! That was some serious pimping by the judges, who were pretty much excusing his mediocre performance by reminding everyone of his Paula Abdul cover. Pfffft.

Should go home: Jermaine, Tim
Will go home: Jermaine, Tim

Kris Allen Talks About Haiti Relief

Kris Allen was on a few Fox morning news shows today talking about Haiti relief and his Thursday appearance on American Idol to kick off Idol Gives Back.


New York:




Little Rock:

Kris also took part in a teleconference with reporters about his trip on Monday. You can read the full transcript at MJ's Big Blog.

And the UN released B-Roll footage from Kris' trip:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AI9 Top 12 Girls Compete

Ryan Seacrest and the judges have been touting American Idol Season 9 to be the year of the girls. Seacrest even said on air, "the girls, who have created so much buzz this season". Ha. More like the judges are fabricating the buzz. Whatever buzz they had, they promptly lost with a bunch of lackluster performances tonight.

Paige Miles - "All Right Now" by Free (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original Version: iTunes | Amazon)
I thought this was a bad song choice for her. She doesn't have the voice for a rocker song. It's all quite lackluster, and I really didn't need to see her swallow the microphone at the end. At the end of the day, though, was she the worst? No, but with no airtime leading into this, she didn't do what she needed to do to get out of the hole.

Ashley Rodriguez - "Happy" by Leona Lewis (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original Version: iTunes | Amazon)
Another bad song choice. Not only because I really can't stand the song, but mostly because it's so dreary. Her singing was all over the place. Did not like that, although it was better than the first girl. Simon called it clumsy and said she's going backwards and that she's just a singer singing someone else's songs.

Janell Wheeler - "What About Love" by Heart (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original Version: iTunes | Amazon)
She's just singing the song, not bringing anything different to the table. She hit a few iffy notes as well.

Lilly Scott - "Fixing A Hole" by The Beatles (Preorder on iTunes)
She's 20 and looks like she's in her mid-30's. Finally someone who does something non-karaoke. She's not commercial enough for this show, though. Like Randy said - she's indie. Not sure how far she can actually go on this show with the song choices she is prone to go with.

Katelyn Epperly - "Oh Darlin'" by The Beatles (Preorder on iTunes)
Hate her look, but I really like how she sounded on this song. It sounded natural. One of the Top 3 or 4 performances of the night.

Haeley Vaughn - "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles (Preorder on iTunes)
I do not understand this song choice. Her tone is assaulting my ears. Simon said she's "like a wind-up doll who doesn't stop smiling" and said it was a mess. Ellen replied by saying, "If it was a mess, it was a hot mess!" like that's supposed to be a compliment? Hot mess is worse than just a mess!

Lacey Brown - "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Great song choice, but her performance is a huge disappointment. I hate her arrangement, and she's not in sync with the band or her backup singer. Hot mess.

Michelle Delamor - "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
Are we in Season 1 again? She can sing, but whatever was said about Ashley goes the same for her - it's just karaoke.

Didi Benami - "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
The song is perfect for her voice, but the problem is that her voice is too close to Ingrid's, so it seems a little bit copy-cat. The song isn't a vote-getter, but she'll be ok because of her auditions.

Siobhan Magnus - "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
My thought process during this: Oh my god. I'm frightened. Do not want her to butcher this. Oh wait. This isn't bad at all. In fact, she kind of killed it. She hit every note dead on. Way to go! Best of the night!

Crystal Bowersox - "Hand In My Pocket" by Alanis Morisette (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
She played two instruments at the same time! That takes skillz. It wasn't totally original, but I give her kudos for her performance and for bringing the only semblance of upbeat music since the first song! Simon injects his usual subway station comparisons that he likes to throw around with singer/songwriter types. Blah Blah Blah.

Katie Stevens - "Feelin' Good" by Michael Buble (Preorder on iTunes)
(Original version: iTunes | Amazon)
The judges shockingly got this right - too pageanty. Everything about it was pageanty - her hair, her dress, her stage movements. She hasn't shown any contemporary tendencies yet to warrant all the early pimping she has been given.

Who will go? I would say Paige and Haeley, but if Haeley stays, it will probably be Ashley.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kris Allen Plays DJ on MyFM

Kris Allen is playing guest DJ for a week on 104.3 MyFM in Los Angeles. In his first day on the job, he played a good selection of songs (minus one misstep ... CREED) and even plugged his album.

Here's his playlist for Day 1:
Clocks - Coldplay
Say Hey (I Love You) - Michael Franti
With Arms Wide Open - Creed
According To You - Orianthi
True Faith - New Order
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
American Woman - Lenny Kravitz
I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson
Uprising - Muse
My Immortal - Evanescence
Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen

Day 2 Playlist:
Santeria - Sublime
All The Right Moves - OneRepublic
Dreaming With A Broken Heart - John Mayer
Hey Soul Sister - Train
Higher - Creed
Tik Tok - Ke$ha
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Roxanne - The Police
Syndicate - The Fray
Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Just A Girl - No Doubt

Day 3 Playlist:
You Get What You Give - New Radicals
Maybe - Ingrid Michaelson
American Boy - Estelle
Gives You Hell - All-American Rejects
Killing Me Softly - The Fugees
Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
Love Song - Sara Bareilles
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

Day 4 Playlist:
Faithfully - Journey
Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon
Come Undone - Duran Duran
Someday - Rob Thomas
Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert
Fireflies - Owl City
Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer
Breakeven - The Script

Day 5 Playlist (thanks, I'm So Blue!):
The Eagles - Hotel California
Orianthi - According To You
Shaggy - Angel (w/ Rayvon)
Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dying
The Killers - Somebody Told Me
Colbie Caillat - Fallin' For You
Michael Jackson - Black Or White
Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway
Pink - U + Ur Hand
Daughtry - Life After You
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Daniel Powter - Bad Day
Bon Jovi - Superman Tonight

Here's YouTube of Kris talking during his DJ hour:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Kris will doing this the rest of the week from 7-8 pm PT on MyFM. I'll update this post with his playlist each night.

Allison Iraheta To Perform "Scars" Thursday On Idol

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards Salute To Icons
Entertainment Weekly's Michael Slezak broke the news this morning that Allison Iraheta will be performing "Scars" on Thursday's American Idol results show. He also confirmed with 19E that "Scars" will be her second single.

Yes! I love this song! Check it out here at iTunes or

Thursday's results show will have a distinct Season 8 feel to it, with not only Allison performing but also Season 8 champion Kris Allen performing and sharing footage from his Haiti trip with the UN Foundation. And yes, Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star, he really did go, so take your irresponsible journalism and lack of fundamental reading comprehension to the National Enquirer or something.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kris Allen Taking Over The Airwaves

 Kris Allen is already all over the radio with his hit song "Live Like We're Dying", which currently sits at No. 13 (Top 40), No. 6 (Hot AC) and No. 27 (AC), all with bullets, on the Mediabase airplay charts. Next week, we'll be hearing even more from Kris on air, as he plays guest DJ Monday through Friday, starting Feb. 22, from 7-8 pm PT on 104.3 MyFM in Los Angeles.

In addition, he will be a guest on Radio Disney's Take Over with Ernie D. on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 3 pm PT/6 pm ET.

Idols Give Back

Kris Allen visited Haiti on Friday with the UN Foundation to aid in earthquake relief efforts. Kris did some hands-on work in Haiti, helping out the World Food Program with food distribution at Petite Place de Cazeu, a small camp for internally displaced people in Port au Prince, and helping with Haitians doing construction/cleanup work for the 'Work for Cash' UNDP program in Carrefour.

He also spent time with the Concern Haiti organization. According to tweets from Concern's Dominic MacSorley, Kris visited the Concern baby tent, a "quiet 'get well' space in a crowded camp for mothers and children". After Kris' visit, MacSorley tweeted, "Ok Concern Haiti officially loves American Idol Kris Allen - he's so cool & even sang Amazing Grace to mothers & children in our baby tent." (Pic 1, Pic 2). The next day, MacSorley tweeted, "Concern met Kris a true humanitarian, informed, respectful connecting w/mothers & child through universal language-music."

A Salvation Army officer also blogged about Kris' visit to their camp, where they have just implemented a new registration process for bar-coded ration cards for families in need. The Salvation Army officer wrote, "It was good to see him - he was very friendly and he made quite an impact on the families. My hope is that his visit will keep the interest in Haiti alive and help promote the on-going work. Check out the programme on Thursday and look out for The Salvation Army."

Here are a couple of other photos of Kris in Haiti, distributed by the UN.

And video from the UN:

Kris will appear on American Idol on Thursday during the results show to talk about his trip, share footage and encourage people to donate to the Idol Gives Back Foundation to help support the U.N. Foundation's work in Haiti. He will also perform on the show.

Elliott Yamin is also doing work for Idol Gives Back and Malaria No More right now, returning to Angola with Kara DioGuardi. Elliott tweeted, "2day was 1 of the longest most productive days of my life!..handed out malaria bednets to kids at the st isabel orphanage in luanda! ... met w government officials and ngo's in to see sister domingues again...did an interview on angolan news... no update on baby elliott yet...but i cant wait 4 yall to c the footage on the idol gives back show on 4/21!!"

Baby Elliott, if you recall, was named after Elliott when he visited Angola for Idol Gives Back in 2008. You can see the video of that HERE. (Warning: keep Kleenex handy!)

Adam Lambert visited Belvedere Middle School on Thursday to deliver music supplies to the school from Adam spearheaded a fan challenge in September to raise money for DonorsChoose, and his fans responded by donating nearly $300,000 when all was said and done.

Adam sang with some of the music students, who accompanied him on guitar, drums and recorders on his single "Whataya Want From Me." The LA Times was there to capture this on video:

You can read more about Adam's school visit in the LA Times.

Adam, Kris, Allison Iraheta, Carrie Underwood, Ryan Seacrest, and Ellen DeGeneres are amongst the celebrities who appear in this video for the Ricky Martin Foundation/Habitat for Humanity Haiti Recovery Fund.

The four singers, plus Ellen, autographed hardhats to be auctioned off in the RMF/HFH "Hardhats for Haiti" auction.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Video Of The Day: I Am The World

Although selling well for charity, the new version of "We Are The World" that was done for Haiti relief has been met with a collective MEH for not living up to the original version and for the mostly non A-list singers who were asked to be in this project (Justin Bieber opening the song? Really???). No one from the original USA For Africa was asked to sing on the new song.

With this in mind, Jimmy Kimmel and Huey Lewis teamed up for a parody of the new "We Are the World", with Huey singing his own charity song, "I Am The World."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adam Lambert Fan Gets Called Out, Lives To Brag About It Later

I'm sure everyone by now knows that Adam Lambert stopped a performance during an intimate iheartradio concert in the middle of a song to ask an audience member to stop talking on her phone (VIDEO).

The fan in question talked with Elvis Duran at Z100 today to clear things up. She says she was just holding up the phone so her 68-year old Glambert mother who couldn't go to the concert for medical reasons could hear. She blamed other people around her for talking and was very quick to point out that Adam was funny and good-natured and not rude about it.

Listen to the call here:

As soon as I heard this happened, I had a feeling the person in question would brag all over the place about it. And here we go! Unless Z100 did some big-time detective work, I'm thinking she called them? Anyway, she's not embarrassed about being called out by Adam at all! "I'll be the one that he remembers out of the 200 people who were there," she said. Ah, yes. That is certainly something to be proud about.

The non-interrupted Adam performances from that night are available to watch at MJSBigBlog.

Kris Allen Sings A Little Neil Diamond

Kris Allen visited the 104.3 MyFM studios for a little interview that aired this morning. The DJ, Valentine, teased it by saying Kris would be singing Neil Diamond covers for an hour and a half, and Kris played/sang a little bit of "Sweet Caroline", with the DJs singing along to make it sound like they were all drunkenly singing in a bar (or in Fenway Park).

Additionally, Kris and Valentine talked about Kris' bad phone skills during interviews. "I'm not a good phone talker," he said. Kris blamed it on "ear juice that gets on your face" after talking on the phone for a long time. HAHAHAHA.

You can listen to the interview or download the podcast on the Valentine in the Morning website. Or click on the YouTube video below.

AI9 Top 24 Revealed

After announcing the first seven members of the American Idol Season 9 Top 24 on Tuesday night, the remaining 17 were revealed in a mercifully one-hour episode on Wednesday evening.

Idol did engage in a little bit of trickery with the reveal (naturally). Apparently, Chris (Little Orphan) Golightly was named to the Top 24 but was recently disqualified due to an old contract. And when I say recently, I mean Tuesday afternoon. Holy crap! You can read about it at Joe's Place. Anyway, Chris wasn't shown on tonight's show, and they kind of threw in a quick flash of generic footage of his replacement - Tim Urban - into the mix so that it looked like he was reacting to making the Top 24. They also shot new footage of Tim dancing in front of the Idol sign, and you could tell it was separate footage because it wasn't shot in the same lighting as the other ones.

But back to tonight's episode. They worked much more efficiently tonight, banging out Top 24 reveals like they were running to catch a flight. Getting through first were Janell Wheeler, despite a mediocre rendition of Taylor Swift's "Love Story"; Tyler Grady, the 70's rocker who finished his audition process by singing "Home" by Daughtry; and Lacey Brown, who was in a sing-off with Megan Joy last year. Lacey may have gotten the biggest boost of all from tonight's show. She displayed such a great attitude about her elimination last year that really endeared me to her, and then they showed her singing a gorgeous version of "What A Wonderful World" that they played over some video of Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert, and Joe Munoz being put through to the Top 24. It sounded amazing; I thought it was a real song. Crystal Bowersox was next to make the Top 24, and "Mommasox," as Randy Jackson called her, celebrated with her cute baby and cute husband.

Idol had to remind us once again that Katie Stevens' grandmother has Alzheimers. A "touching story", as Ryan Seacrest emphasized. Yeah, we get it. You want her to win. She made it, naturally, unlike some people who Idol couldn't even bother to name, like Maddie Penrose, who was looking very much like Sarah Jessica Parker in Square Pegs, and some dude I don't remember who was reminding me of Ryan from last season's So You Think You Can Dance. Tragic figure Angela Martin also received bad news, made worse by Kara DioGuardi insisting she sits with Angela while lowering the boom. And when I say sit, I mean force her way down to the seat, forcing Angela to sit on the armrest. I'm pretty peeved about this particular elimination. Angela is really good. She sounds current! And she can sing on key, unlike a certain novel someone I will discuss later ...

Lilly Scott and her albino hair, Paige Miles and her unknown self, Siobhan Magnus, Michelle Delamor, Jermaine Sellers and John Park are next to make it through. They also threw in a non voiced-over shot of Tim Urban into this mix.

With just one spot left for the girls, it came down to teens Tori Kelly and Haeley Vaughn. And ... it went to Haeley, who turned "I'm Yours" into a hot mess. She has a tendency to screech her vocals. Tori's last performance was a little bit of a reggae-infused "Hot and Cold." I would've gone with Tori, but I knew it would be Haeley because I bet they love the novelty of having an African-American country singer.

The last spot for the guys came down to Thaddeus Johnson and Andrew Garcia. Were they trying to make this suspenseful? Because that isn't. Thaddeus sobbed when he got the news, sobbed outside and then sobbed in the bathroom. And he said in the confessional that it was a shock because "they (the judges) loved me. Or they acted like they did. It was kind of fake." Ooh burn! Andrew sobbed also, obviously for different reasons. And some of my friends sobbed as well, for different reasons than Andrew.

The show closes with Ryan presenting the Top 24 on the Kodak stage. And you can see Chris Golightly in the back (can't miss that mop of hair!). It will be interesting to see if Idol even addresses this when Tim sings next week (I'm thinking not).

Next week, the girls sing on Tuesday, followed by the guys on Wednesday. Two guys and two girls will be eliminated on Thursday.

To get you acquainted quickly with the Top 24, here's a video set to Kris Allen's "Lifetime" from the Idol website:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol, Kris Allen Team With UN Foundation For Haiti Fundraiser

People's Choice Awards 2010 Nomination Announcement Press Conference
American Idol, Kris Allen and the United Nations Foundation are joining forces for a special fundraiser for Haiti on the Feb. 25 Idol results show. Kris will perform and share footage from his upcoming Haiti trip to raise awareness and funds that will benefit the United Nations as it works with Haitians to help rebuild the country.

Kris and UN Foundation CEO Kathy Calvin will travel to Haiti on Friday. During the trip, they will meet with Haitians and UN staff to learn how people are recovering from the earthquake and find out what they will need in the months to come.

"It is heartbreaking to see the devastation that Haiti is currently facing," Kris said in a statement. "I am truly honored to be traveling to Haiti to see the UN’s relief efforts firsthand and to help out in any way that I can."

During next Thursday's show, viewers will be asked to make donations online or via text, with the proceeds going to the Idol Gives Back Foundation to help support the U.N. Foundation's work in Haiti. The actual Idol Gives Back show will take place on Apr. 21.

"We are proud to partner with the IDOL GIVES BACK Foundation, FOX and AMERICAN IDOL on this special episode," Calvin said. "We are working directly with the UN to help Haiti address the medium and long-term challenges of reconstruction. The UN needs our support so it can continue to provide food, water, shelter, medicine, security and economic opportunities to the earthquake victims. The UN and Haiti are rising to the challenge and we all have a chance to help them rebuild their future."

Idol and the UN couldn't have picked a better representative to aid the cause. Kris has a long history of participating in similar humanitarian efforts, including traveling to Thailand to help with clean-up after the devastating Tsunami.

Kris talked to Bay Area radio station Alice 97.3 about the upcoming trip in an interview today. Click on the plus button to listen to the interview.

Sources: AI, Businesswire

Seven Members Of Top 24 Revealed

In an excruciatingly long two-hour Hollywood round episode, seven of the 24 members of the Top 24 were revealed. The first group to go through are: Michael Lynche, Didi Benami, Katelyn Epperly, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Lee Dewyze, and Todrick Hall.

Aaron Kelly? Are you freakin' kidding me? During the last two rounds of Hollywood week, all he did was screw up. He forgot the words in the group song ("Get Ready"). He forgot the words in his solo ("Angel"). I guess it's ok to forget the words in Hollywood week if you're one of the chosen ones. Isn't that right, Katharine McPhee Joanna Pacitti?

And Kara? Lifting up your leg while hugging Casey James? Calm down, cougar!

Amongst those still in the running for tomorrow's final reveal are: Tim Urban, Tyler Grady, Andrew Garcia, Crystal Bowersox, Chris Golightly, Lilly Scott, Siobahn Magnus, Thaddeus Johnson, Katie Stevens, Shelby Dressel, Haeley Vaughn, Maddie Penrose, Jessica Furney, Angela Martin, Lacey Brown, Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, and John Park.

Some of the people cut before final judgment were: Keia Johnson, Mary Powers (Wooooooohoooooo!), Hope Johnson, Jermaine Purifory, Tisha Holland, Charity Vance, Brian Walker, Christian Spear, and Lloyd Thomas. Cut in the final verdict were Shelby Dressel, who I thought was very good on her final audition ("More Than A Feeling"), and Jessica Furney, who was annoying as HALE!

From what they showed tonight, I can't imagine that Crystal Bowersox and Ashley Rodriguez won't make it. They were OUTSTANDING in the last round, with Crystal singing "If It Makes You Happy" and Ashley singing Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield." Andrew is a shoo-in, but if he tries to turn EVERY song into a gender-bending acoustic ditty, I'mma have to hurt him. He did "Straight Up" on Day 1 then Adele's "Chasing Pavements" on Day 3.

And really, Idol. I don't need to hear "Man in the Mirror" or "I'm Yours" ever again on your show. :|

Olympic Figure Skating Meets American Idol

After following U.S. Figure Skating champion Jeremy Abbott on twitter and reading articles about him prior to his Olympic debut tonight, I am convinced that he and American Idol champion Kris Allen were separated at birth. They are so similar in so many ways. Just to start, both guys have flown under the radar and been overlooked a lot during their reign as champions, letting their craft speak for itself. Jeremy's short program is to "A Day In The Life" by the Beatles (Kris is a huge Beatles fan), and he has Kris' "Live Like We're Dying" on his playlist. Jeremy and Kris also share a similar sense of humor and subtle quirkiness.

Also, check out their thoughts on twitter: For Kris, it's an avenue to say "stupid crap that goes on in my head". For Jeremy, it's "a way to be goofy and say what's on my mind without having much consequence for it." LOL. Seriously. 

Jeremy and Kris aren't the only skaters and Idols with similarities. While watching the Olympic short program tonight, I thought it would be fun to pick an Idol pairing for some of these skaters. So here goes ...

Yvegeny Plushenko = Carrie Underwood
Plushenko, the reigning Olympic champion, is in the lead after the short program. He's technically precise and relies on his arsenal of difficult skills such as his quadruple toe/triple toe combo, and he gives off a bit of an aloof, steely exterior. Dick Button called him "reserved and controlled" after his performane tonight. While Carrie's stage presence has improved drastically over the years, she wasn't known on Idol as the Farm-Bot for nothing!

Johnny Weir = Adam Lambert
Obvious comparison is obvious. Johnny is flamboyant and controversial, with a penchant for using costuming and dramatics to enhance his performance. His costume in the short program was black with pink accents, including pink corset lacing in the back, plus a pink tassel, a little bit of leather and some sheer. Adam has never shied away from controversy, dramatics or outrageous outfits. Both guys love Lady Gaga - Johnny does an exhibition skate to one of her songs, and Adam has recorded one of her songs.

Evan Lysacek = Ryan Seacrest
Evan, the reigning World Champion, had a brilliant short program tonight, coming in second, just a few tenths behind Plushenko. Evan and Johnny have been rivals for years and do. not. get. along, a fact that the media loves to play up. While Johnny has been cast as the flamboyant one, Evan has been cast as the straight one (NBC played up his relationship with Tanith Belbin to death a few years ago. It was really gag-inducing), although he's pretty metro, like Seacrest (Check out the slicked-back hair and the perma-tan on both guys).

Patrick Chan = Jordin Sparks
HE'S ONLY 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Nuff said. The Canadian favorite and reigning World silver medalist had the weight of his country on his shoulder, as Mary Carillo not-so-nicely reminded him when she said that no Canadian male skater had ever won gold. Patrick's skating is pretty exquisite - his footwork! - but he messed up a jump and finished after his music, earning a one-point penalty. He gets bonus points from me for having the best music of the night (Tango de los Exilados).

Samuel Contesti = Taylor Hicks
Like Taylor, Samuel is a showman who plays to the crowd. Last year, he was a definite crowd favorite at the World Championships with his hilarious cowboy free skate (if you don't want to watch the whole thing, skip ahead to 3:56. LOL), and this year's routine is to a song with harmonica (Taylor's staple) and banjos. His costume was a piece of work - overalls and a plaid shirt. Even Johnny Weir had something to say about that costume: "I thought it was very fashion forward and a very big risk, even riskier than man cleavage and a pink ruffle."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MTV News' Exclusive Kradison Interview

Jim Cantiello of MTV News scored an exclusive Kradison interview last Friday night before their New York City concert. I think this was the first interview Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta have done as a trio since they advanced out of Group 2 in the semifinals of American Idol a year ago. The 9-part interview is up on the MTV News website. Go check it out!

Part 1: Talking about their hair and Danny Gokey's absence

Part 2: About Kradison's superhero power, misconceptions and what they miss about each other

Part 3: Adam's overseas tour plans

Part 4: Kris talks about Swell Season covering his Falling Slowly/With Or Without You mashup, "grab-happy Asian girls" and misheard lyrics

Part 5: Talking about Allison's next single. Kris and Adam high-five each other over D is For Dangerous

Part 6: Adam and Allison talk about Live Like We're Dying, and Kris jokes about covering For Your Entertainment that night (Also, Allison's favorite on Kris' album is Red Guitar)

Part 7: Tour plans?

Part 8: How the Crazy collaboration came about

Part 9: How the show came about

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta At The Meet Ball

Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta both performed at 93.3 FLZ's Meet Ball in Tampa on Saturday night.

Allison sang No One Else, Scars, Don't Waste The Pretty, and Just Like You. Kris sang Heartless / Gangsta's Paradise, Before We Come Undone, Man In The Mirror, The Scientist (!!!!!!), Alright With Me and Live Like We're Dying.

View photos of the event on the WFLZ website.

Kris apparently just "ran into this song" (The Scientist) on the way over and decided to play it that night. After the first chorus he said he didn't remember the words to the second verse so he was just going to repeat the first. Haha. I can never remember lyrics to the second verse either! I really hope he adds this to his rotation of covers on tour because it's AMAZING. And to think he just whipped it up that day. Holy crap.

kris scientist from Ang on Vimeo.

Other videos, from nuryj:
Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise
Before We Come Undone
Man In The Mirror
Alright With Me

No One Else

Kris and Allison also participated in a live chat with the radio station before the show. You can watch video of the chat by clicking here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kradison Rocks This Town

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta performed in New York City's Highline Ballroom Friday night for the Ryan, Rock My Town winners. Allison kicked things off with an 8-song set. Adam followed with 11 songs, and Kris closed with 12 songs before all three reunited for the finale, singing "Crazy".

Allison's setlist: Don't Waste The Pretty, Just Like You, Trouble Is, Holiday, Scars, Killing Me Softly, Robot Love, Friday I'll Be Over U.

Adam's setlist: Music Again, If I Had You, Whataya Want From Me, Strut, Sure-Fire Winners, Soaked, For Your Entertainment, Sleepwalker, Fever, Down The Rabbit Hole, Whole Lotta Love.

Kris' setlist: Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Can't Stay Away, Written All Over My Face, Before We Come Undone, The Truth, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Red Guitar, Falling Slowly/With Or Without You, Alright With Me, Come Together, Live Like We're Dying.

32 songs! What a concert! Thanks in advance to all the YouTubers for sharing your videos. :)

The Swell Season Covering Kris Allen Covering The Swell Season

My mind is blown. Kris Allen did a cover of The Swell Season's "Falling Slowly" on American Idol, and while on tour, he has been doing a (brilliant) Falling Slowly/With Or Without You mashup. Now The Swell Season is covering Kris Allen's cover of their song. Oh. My. God. This is amazing.

In this video, Glen Hansard explains to the audience that he "saw a guy on YouTube singing Falling Slowly, and he sang it at the end. I thought it was clever, so I'm copying him. He was the dude who won American Idol ... Seems like a nice guy."

Adam Lambert AOL Sessions

Adam Lambert's AOL Sessions were released today. Adam sang If I Had You, Soaked, Fever, Strut and Whataya Want From Me and also sat down for an interview. The performances were first made available on AOL Canada and are now up at AOL Music.

If I Had You:




Whataya Want From Me:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Kris Allen Ford Fusion Hybrid Commercials

Kris Allen's Ford Fusion Hybrid commercial where he tells us that the music is in the car, you know, forever now, has been shown on every episode of American Idol this season. Turns out there are more!

Ford uploaded three more commercials with Kris. They're as adorable as the first one, especially the video games one. The first two videos use "Alright With Me" (iTunes | Amazon) like the original video does. The last one uses "Written All Over My Face" (iTunes | Amazon).

Kris picking the Ford Fusion Hybrid really paid off in more ways than one. Not only did he land these commercials, but he (probably more importantly to him) is saving the environment and saving some money on gas. I don't think he's making these commercials if he had chosen, say, the Ford Mustang or Ford Escape. These ads have resulted in sales, as "Alright With Me" has seen jumps on the iTunes charts after each Idol episode.

Here are the new videos ...

"Pretty much it's like a video game to me":

Saving money using the Sirius Travel Link:

"All you have to do is talk. I think most people are pretty good at that":

I noticed a couple of Ford commercials similar to Kris' on Survivor tonight. It would be awesome if they started showing the Kris commercials outside of Idol.