Monday, January 18, 2010

One More Chance To (Legally) Win Kradison Concert Tickets

For those of you who don't actually within 50 miles of New York and want to go to the Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta concert on February 12 in New York City, here's your chance to win two tickets plus airfare and accommodations, courtesy Stubhub and Ryan Seacrest. Visit to fill out ONE (1) entry form to win.

Emphasis on the one, people. I know a lot of you out there entered more than once and voted for a city you didn't live anywhere near to get that concert in New York City, thereby disqualifying yourself from winning tickets. And I firmly believe THAT is the reason why it is taking so long for them to notify the winners - because they had to weed through a ton of fraudulent entries. So do everyone a favor and only enter once like the rules say. Not once from all 25 emails that you created to vote for NYC (or Little Rock, for that matter). ONE ENTRY. That is all. It spells it out clearly in the official rules (as did the other contest that no one seemed to read the rules for).

The winner of this contest (btw - non-U.S. residents, kids under 13, employees and families of employees of the sponsors and radio stations that air Seacrest's show, Hawaiians and Alaskans are screwed, as usual) will win airfare for two (2) provided by Orbitz, two (2) nights hotel accommodations at W New York – Times Square, and two (2) tickets to the concert on February 12, 2010 at a secret location.

Good luck!

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