Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michael Jackson This Is It DVD Release Event

Best Buy hosted a DVD release event for Michael Jackson's This Is It in Culver City and New York. I happened to be having dinner where the Culver City event was taking place, so I stuck around for the screening of the DVD, which they played on a huge TV screen inside the mall.

After the screening ended (they stopped at "The Way You Make Me Feel", I think), DJs from Power 106 had people come up on the mini round stage they had set up to dance to some Michael Jackson songs. Most of the audience were people who I think were there to perform, so there were some good dancers who went up on stage, including some b-boys, pop-lockers, tappers, a Lindy Hop couple who did some crazy stunts, and one guy who did like a triple spin, figure-skater style, into the splits. My personal favorite was an old man who looked to be in his 70's who was gettin' down with the get down. He came up on stage with two younger women, and they had a full-on dance routine. It was amazing. I have cell phone video of it from afar, and if I ever figure out how to upload it somewhere, I'll add it here later.

After the dance party with the audience, they brought out one of the tour's choreographers, Stacy Walker, who spoke briefly, and six tour dancers, who danced to an old-school Michael song and then to "The Drill." And then it looked like the whole thing was pretty much over until midnight when the DVD went on sale, and most of the people started leaving, so I went home. Turns out they did do what I guess was an attempt at a flash mob performance, but theirs sure doesn't look anything like the Philippines prison one that was recently released.

I had fun, but it seemed pretty disorganized and very much under-promoted. I didn't hear about it at all, and I live a mile from the location. The screening left little to be desired. They didn't set up any seats, so most people were standing or sitting on the floor on the first level looking up at the big screen on the second level. The sound wasn't great either, so we couldn't hear anything but the music, really. And then it ended prematurely.

The DVD, on the other hand, looks awesome. The concert would have been AMAZING ("Smooth Criminal", in particular, would have been pretty epic. And Orianthi ... that chick can shred!)

If you want to purchase the DVD, you can get it on Blu-Ray or regular DVD at Amazon.com. The Blu-Ray version allegedly has more footage or more content than the regular DVD.


DJT said...

Thanks for posting all this info! Sounds cool!
FYI, Best Buy is selling a special 2 disc Blu-ray edition, and Walmart is selling a special 2-disc dvd version. Both are supposed to have "exclusive" content. Of course, the regular Blu-ray has exclusive content of its own that is superior to the regular dvd, so I am assuming that the special edition 2-disk Blu-ray would have the most overall, but you never know with sponsorship deals, etc. Too bad they just can't be upfront about what is exactly on what.
Anyways, this movie is a must for everyone methinks!

DJT said...

OK, here are the details from the actual packaging:

-the 2-disc limited edition dvd from Walmart has a bonus disc that is the only way to get the following featurettes: Meet The Dancers, Meet The Band, Meet the Vocalists and The Unfinished Rehearsals

-the 2-disc limited edition Blu-ray from Best Buy has the regular Blu-ray bonus features (Thriller & Smooth Criminal vignettes, Making Smooth Criminal featurette & BD Live movie IQ This Is It interactive playlist) plus an extra Blu-ray disc with Dancing Machine choreography and PSP digital copy that allows you to transfer via your Playstation 3). Plus you get your choice of one of three 3D backstage pass replicas.

I don't know if anyone on this blog actually cares about this info, but I took pains to get it, so I'm sharing it y'all!