Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Listen To Matt Giraud's Duet With Anna Wilson

Matt Giraud's duet of the country classic "You Don't Know Me" with jazz singer Anna Wilson, and the song is now being streamed at AnnaWilson.com.

You can preorder the single now on Amazon.com, which says it will be available on Jan. 28 (everywhere else has indicated a Jan. 29 release date). It will be included on Anna Wilson's upcoming album, Countrypolitan Duets. They will perform the duet at Matt's Jan. 29 concert at Forest Hills Fine Arts Center in Grand Rapids.

Matt sounds AMAZING on this song. I'm not surprised at how good he sounds in the studio, though. A slew of his AI studio tracks were amongst my favorites this past season (seriously, So Small and You Found Me ... so freakin' good). And I will continue to say this until it actually happens: How is he not signed?!?! #signMattGiraud.

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