Thursday, December 10, 2009

SYTYCD Top 8 Results - What You Didn't See

I went to the taping of the So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 results show Wednesday night. Here's what you didn't see ...

Before the show aired live, there were two performances pre-taped. First was Kris Allen's "Live Like We're Dying" performance. He did it twice, and he sounded great both times. I think they ended up using the second performance. I noticed some internet chatter about Kris lip-synching or the band not playing. That isn't true. They did pipe in a backing vocal track during the choruses, but everything else was all live.

Kris was very well-received by the audience. I was in the back, so I was able to see a lot of reactions. Everyone was clapping along. A guy next to us was bobbing his head to the music. Another guy near us was singing along to every word. Two women in front of me were going to church, with hands up in the air and swaying. People were holding up stupid heart hands. After the last song, Kris introduced the band. Cale Mills got lots of love. Shocker! LOL. Another little Kris observation - while waiting to play a second time, Kris was standing there quietly strumming his guitar. It was really cute. He's such a guitar boy.

After Kris, the Groovaloos taped their performance for next week's finale (which leads me to believe they're staying at CBS Studio for the finale. No Kodak Theater this season!). Being in the back, I really couldn't see squat, but there was one acrobatic move that got good airtime that I was able to see. Amongst the Groovaloos members are Lindsey B from Beat Freaks (who is apparently Sonya Tayeh's BFF) and one or two guys from Super Cr3w.

Nigel Lythgoe spent some time with the audience from the judges' table before the show started and told us that the bottom 2 girls were soooo close. Also, the performance show for the finale is only one hour (he was not happy about that). Someone asked Nigel about this season's tour, and he said that they may do a combined tour with Season 7 (holy long show). Doing a tour in the winter might not work. I think he said something about bus crashes on icy roads.

While waiting for the live show to start, warm-up guy Cory let audience members on the stage for a dance party. Legacy's parents joined the mostly teens and college-aged girls. It was adorable! His dad is a charmer.

For the show, I mostly just observed other dancers' reactions to things. When Jakob was named safe, Russell looked pretty happy and gave him a big hug when he came over to the safety ledge. When Ashleigh was named safe, she had total survivor's guilt on her face. After Ellenore's solo, Sonya and season 5's Brandon and Jonathan gave her a huge standing ovation. After Ryan did his solo, he ran over to Ashleigh, picked her up and they hugged for a long time. It was quite sweet, even if I'm miffed that the crying for votes for Asleigh is probably the reason why Legacy is gone.

Speaking of Brandon, during a commercial break, Cory tried to get Brandon to do a dance battle with Russell, and later on another break, Adam Shankman tried to lobby for a Brandon-Jakob battle. OMG. Can you imagine?

As you saw, during the show, Shankman went into a long spiel about each girl and got cut off by Cat because they had to show the Wondergirls' lip-synched performance that was pre-taped on Monday, I think. So after the playback, during the commercial, Shankman stood up and said, "I got cut off talking about Ellenore for THAT?!" Considering the fact that I was sitting there watching them with a WTF face the whole time, I laughed so hard at that comment. I love Shankers.

I ended up sitting behind Mollee and Legacy's family, so elimination was a little awkward with cameras right there. Thank heaven Ellenore was safe, or I might have made quite a WTF face that could've been caught on camera. Audience was not happy about the Legacy elimination, in particular, but both families were very classy about the result.

Right after the show went off-air, Shankman got on the mic to announce to the dancers that the top guy and top girl next week will be getting a job on the Oscars broadcast that he is producing. Very nice!

Here's video of Kris' performance:


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