Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Kris Allen Video Interviews On Fox40 In Sacramento

Kris Allen did a fun series of interviews with Fox40 in Sacramento prior to his Jingle Ball gig. He talks about Idol a little, marriage, long-distance relationships and his album.

In the first video, he gives Matt Giraud and Megan Joy some love (on Matt: "I think he's crazy talented. He blows my mind." On Megan: "I hope that Megan makes a CD because I think I would really like her music as well.")

In video #2, he plays a rapid-fire question game during which he reveals he has $700 in his wallet (okay PIMP).

And in video #3, he talks about the infamous cake fight in the Idol mansion and about meeting John Mayer. Kris says that his favorite song on Mayer's new album is "Heartbreak Warfare".




1 comment:

nancy said...

I enjoyed the interview.
Kris is a smart guy with a sexy body....love his shirt and jeans too!