Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kris Allen Performs In Sac-Town For 107.9 The End's Jingle Ball

Kris Allen performed Tuesday night in the first of his many radio station holiday concerts, playing in Sacramento for 107.9 The End's Jingle Ball. Kris sang five songs from his album - Can't Stay Away, Written All Over My Face, Is It Over, Alright With Me and Live Like We're Dying. This was his first live performance of Is It Over and Alright With Me.

Seeing Kris play his own songs is really something. Especially the close-up videos where you can see his expressions. He was only scratching the surface when he was on the Idol tour. He's not flashy or anything, but he just exudes so much joy and passion for music. That's the one thing that really stood out for me initially with him on Idol. I was a little dismissive of him at first, but when he came out with that guitar on Remember the Time and was just having a blast up there, he completely won me over.

Here's Is It Over and Alright With Me, from apriljoiex83:

And Can't Stay Away and Written All Over My Face, from tribyen

Live Like We're Dying (listen to the audience singing along!!!) and partial, but close-up and great quality, of Can't Stay Away, Written All Over My Face, and Alright With Me from planetkickawesome:

HQ video with great sound from The End's website:


Anonymous said...

looks like a really fun concert! who said he was boring? he's a real artist!

gabrieloak said...

I love Kris but why do people have to scream throughout the whole song?
At least he's creating some excitement.

nancy said...

Kris is really a true artist and musician. He will have a long and successful career. Love Kris <3

sahsouha said...

I love this Concert & I love the cute screaming girls & I adore Kris..thanks for posting that was amazing u made me very happy.