Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kris Allen AOL Sessions Sneak Peak

Kris Allen's AOL Sessions will be premiering on Tuesday, Dec. 22. According to the winner of the Every Second Counts contest, who was in attendance at the taping, Kris sang Live Like We're Dying, Red Guitar, O Holy Night, Is It Over and Can't Stay Away. I can't wait for this to premiere! That's a great setlist.

LX New York aired a little preview of it during an interview with Kris. You can hear a little of Live Like We're Dying and Red Guitar during the piece:


Anonymous said...

Great interview as usual. People should stop asking him about Adam already, though.

MK said...

I'm wondering when the entire Sessions will be up and what on earth is the delay. I also agree with Anonymous before me. Enough of the Adam Lambert questions.

Let Kris be Kris.