Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kris Allen And Band Have Ugly Christmas Sweater Party On Letterman

Kris Allen and his band threw an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Ed Sullivan Theater Wednesday night while performing on the Late Show with David Letterman. The band had initially planned on having drummer Ryland wear a Santa costume, but that got nixed by production. The Ugly Christmas Sweaters provided more than enough LOLs, though! I was howling with laughter, that's for sure.

If you don't get it (and apparently a bunch of, um, fans of other people don't or choose not to), Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are intentionally funny and kitschy. And they're also really popular around the holidays (Vancouver's annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, which pretty much started the whole trend). So come on, now. Stop being humorless. John Mayer did it on Ellen, with red pants, even!

So who wins the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest? TOUGH CALL. The arms on Cale's sweater were hilariously too short (check out this Facebook post talking about it lol). Torres had a green (?) Santa sweater paired with a candy cane stripe turtleneck. Ryland had a matching sparkly hat to go along with his sparkly shirt. Kris' cardigan had music notes on the shoulders and beaded things on the sleeve. Andrew's reindeer sweater was actually relatively decent, so he's the big loser amongst the group.

Here's the video of the performance, from CowboysForever81:

And in case you missed it because you were still laughing, Letterman made a great great little remark at the end of the show: "And this is the first of many CDs. It's called Kris Allen."


Anonymous said...

kris allen is all kinds of adorkable and i freakin love him it's unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I was at the taping. Kris and the guys were so cute.

Christmas-Geeky is the new black!

Kris was pitch perfect live. I didn't get to watch the Tivo yet. Even my friend (who is not a Kris fan yet) said he did a great job and she really likes the song!

gabrieloak said...

I liked all the Christmas sweaters. I thought they added to the spirit of the song.

Kris sounded excellent last night. But I am yearning for another single.

nancy said...

I had a train ride today (2 hr and 45 min) and listened to Kris's cd the entire trip.

I loved LLWD and my top fave is "Red Guitar."

I want Kris's next album! This guy not only sang well, but also got huge song-writing talents.