Friday, November 20, 2009

More From The Krim Show

Jim Cantiello and Kris Allen continue to bring the funny with their MTV News interviews. We got three hilarious videos on Friday at out of their recent visit.

We'll start with the always hilarious Tweet Beat. This one had me dying of laughter, as Jim created and sang new lyrics for "Live Like We're Dying" to go along with Kris' Sky Mall tweets, which Kris himself did the voice-over for.

Jim added another segment to his six-part Kris interview, chatting with Kris about why he changed his Twitter name from @KrisAllen4Real to @KrisAllen. Kris talks about how he and sax player Kris Allen once made fun of Southern Thunder's Kris Allen a while ago on MySpace and says he wants to meet Southern Thunder Kris Allen really badly.

Jim and Kris ate Krim birthday cake, sent to Jim by some of Kris' fans after Jim tweeted that David Archuleta fans were the sweetest ever. As Jim explains this, Kris demonstrates his fans' reactions to that by doing three snaps in Z formation. OMG. BWAHAHAHA

And finally, here's one more video from the Krim interview that aired on AMTV. This is Kris talking about the Elle photo shoot and putting on the wings and platform boots:

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