Thursday, November 19, 2009

Michael Slezak's 7-Part Kris Allen Interview

Entertainment Weekly's Idol guru Michael Slezak scored a 7-part in-depth video interview this week with Kris Allen about his album and the writing and recording process of nearly every song on the CD (with included song snippets. Well played, Slezak).

They also talked about the making of his music video (Basically, Kris was all Heh. Fire!), the difficulties of singing "Live Like We're Dying" ("Dang you, Script! What are you doing? You're screwing me!" he joked), picking his band, and being intimidated early in the collaboration process. In the last video, Slezak pushes hard for "Before We Come Undone" to be the second single. I think I'm on that train too, but only because "Alright With Me" needs to be saved for the summer. That song screams summer smash.

Amusingly, Kris and Slezak also discuss the constant analysis/scrutiny of every little thing that in reality wasn't even given much a second thought, such as his wedding ring being prominent on the CD cover and what he's looking at on his cover (Kris, I thought you were staying away from the blogs!)

It's a great interview, as expected, from Mr. Slezak. Check it out here (and make sure to check out how the article is categorized just under the byline - "Fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion", "Kris Allen Kills Us With Cuteness", "Things That Are Awesome!"):

Kris Allen: A seven-part (!) journey into the making of the 'Idol' champ's self-titled debut CD

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