Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kris Allen's CD In Stores Now!

Kris Allen's self-titled CD is now available in stores and on iTunes. The CD has already hit #1 on the iTunes pop chart and #4 on the overall album chart!

If you pre-ordered from iTunes, you would have gotten the bonus track "From the Ashes", which is a more up-tempo track co-written by Kris and Lindy Robbins. The song is in the same vein as "Before We Come Undone" but with some strings (!!). If you buy the CD at Wal-Mart, you'll get the bonus track "Send Me All Your Angels", co-written by Kris and Chris Daughtry. I really like both songs! And that Mat Kearney song really needs to show up somewhere. Seriously.

Kris stopped by the MTV offices to talk to Jim Cantiello about the album, and they talked about how Kris made songwriting a priority. Kris talked about the struggles he had with collaborating with other songwriters, and it wasn't until after the tour was over that he "felt he finally 'manned up' about his songwriting sessions with others." Kris connected really well with Lindy Robbins ("She was kinda like a mom almost. I feel like she could feel what I was thinking, so she would always hone it in. ... She's really sweet."), Joe King and Jon Foreman ("As an artist, I feel like I can relate to them. And obviously, Jon Foreman's lyrics are outta this world.")

Kris also revealed that he dropped the iTunes bonus track "From the Ashes" from the actual CD in favor of "Is It Over", which he co-wrote with his friend and guitarist Cale Mills, and that "The Truth" had to grow on him, mostly because he was stubborn about wanting to write all the songs. LOL. That is why I felt guilty for liking the song so much.

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