Monday, November 23, 2009

Kris Allen Q&As From The Logo Channel

Kris Allen took some questions from tweeters via Logo Channel. Part 1 is at Logo Online. Part 2 is at After Elton.

In part one, Kris talks about his fake hotel name (Bow Chicka Wow Wow. Which makes him Mr. Bow. BWAHAHA), hairy feet, and his bromance with Adam Lambert. In part two, he talks more about his friendship with Adam. When asked if he thought it was gratifying that their friendship made people more open-minded about gays and Christians, he said, "I've heard stuff like that before, like 'So Christians CAN be nice to gays.' I was like 'What?! People should just be nice to people. It doesn't matter who you are." Um, why are you so perfect, Kris Allen?

Part 2:

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