Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kris Allen On MTV News

Kris Allen sat down with MTV News reporter (and Krim Show cohort) Jim Cantiello for a mostly serious 6-part discussion about Kris' album.

Kris shares some interesting information, such as his desire to not have put with this particular version of "Heartless" on the CD ("it was different for me"), how he bumped iTunes preorder bonus track "From The Ashes" in favor of "Is It Over", and how his stubbornness about writing every song made "The Truth" a song that had to grow on him. He also singles out Lindy Robbins, Jon Foreman and Joe King as people he really collaborated well with. Also addressed was the missing Mat Kearney track (called "Top of the World") that was mostly acoustic but with a dance beat. Kris promises that it will get heard "sometime". He mentioned just before talking about the Kearney song that maybe they'll do an iTunes EP with more acoustic stuff. *crossing fingers*

Rather than post every single video (too much scrolling!), here's part one. At the end of each clip will be a link to the next video. I'll also put text links to the other parts.

Part 2 - on "Red Guitar", "Bring It Back" and "I Need To Know"
Part 3 - on "Alright With Me" potentially being a single and having "The Truth" grow on him
Part 4 - on "Is It Over" bumping "From the Ashes" to the iTunes preorder, a submitted album title (Translate Your Soul), the Mat Kearney track and a Kevin Rudolf/Lifehouse song ("Better Than That") that didn't make the album either
Part 5 - on "Let It Rain" and releasing the same day as John Mayer, 50 Cent and Leona Lewis (this is particularly hysterical, so make sure to watch it. Jim asks Kris who his biggest competition is, and he says 50 Cent. "I'm scared of him. He got shot, dude! I've never gotten shot. John Mayer hasn't been shot. Leona Lewis, she got punched; she's didn't get shot, though."
Part 6 - on "Heartless"

Kris and Jim weren't all serious (I mean, really. This is Krim we're talking about) during their visit. They also filmed this bit for AMTV, where Kris tries to pitch his CD:

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