Friday, November 20, 2009

Kris Allen Gives His NFL Picks

Green Bay Packers fan Kris Allen gives his pigskin prognostications for a few NFL games this week for Fox Sports. Naturally, he picks the Packers to win. In a surprise, though, he picks the Washington Redskins to beat the Dallas Cowboys, claiming the Cowboys have been a bit flip-floppy. Uh, Kris, they've won four of their last five. That ain't exactly flip-floppy. LOL.

They also have him choose between the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions. He pretty much summed it up by saying "The Lions and the Cleveland Browns. This is a tough one because they're both ... not very good." Heh. He picked the Lions because the people at Motown treated him well when he went there.

It's nice to see Kris' management trying to market to the male demographic with this and the Dolphins' tailgate gig. The female Idol fanbase can only carry you so far.

Star Picks: Kris Allen

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