Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kris Allen Back In The Studio

"American Idols Live!" Tour 2009
His album just came out this week, but Kris Allen is still busy making music. In a series of cryptic tweets from him and his people, it was revealed that Kris was in the studio recording last night.

His friend and band member Cale Mills started it off in the early evening by tweeting: Saw mj's "this is it" last night & today we're recording in the studio where "we are the world" was recorded. Who wants to watch thriller?!

Seven hours later, Kris' wife Katy tweeted: In the studio with Kris.... Can't wait for people to hear this

Kris finally joined in an hour after that, around 2:30 am, with this tweet: In the studio. I know I know. The album is done. But I couldn't stay out.

So naturally, wild speculation ran rampant about just what Kris was doing in the studio for nine hours. Here are a few theories that went through my head:
*Recording an acoustic EP
*Recording Christmas music
*Recording a song for a soundtrack
*Recording a song for a charity CD
*Recording Man in the Mirror for a Michael Jackson tribute album (thanks to Cale's tweet)
*Recording version 8.0 of Heartless

The more I think about it, though, the more I think it's gotta be some kind of EP. I don't think that it takes 9 hours to record one song, and that's a heck of a lot of $ to spend on studio time for one song anyway.

So I'm going to put my prediction on the record (because I want to come back and laugh when we get the truth if I'm totally wrong): I think Kris is recording a 4-song acoustic EP that will include Live Like We're Dying, Heartless (perhaps with Gangsta's Paradise mash-up), Let It Rain and the Mat Kearney co-write, Top of the World.

Anyone else have any good guesses? Speculate away in the comments ...


Kimberwyn said...

Maybe he's rerecording a different version of a song that theyre planning to be a single in the future?

Anonymous said...

There was a large picture of Kris in the centerfold of the NYPost today. He was in front of a cab in midtown and it said 'bumper star'. It called him the crooning cutie. Underneath was a smaller picture of Keith Urban

gabrieloak said...

Kris was reviewed in today's NY Times, a positive review finally. They liked Kris's CD more than Adam's!

Anonymous said...

I so hope it's an acoustic EP! I love his pure, acoustic sound. I think he should name it "Kris Allen, Stripped Down."

nancy said...

Totally excited for the news.
Kris is an artist and he is like a fountain of music to me. I’d like to read the NYT review. Please give the link. Thanks.

nancy said...

Only the Kris's part from NYT article:

....But Mr. Allen beat Mr. Lambert for a simple reason: he was a more palatable singer of songs that were popular. Which means that of the two, Mr. Lambert, the star, has more to prove on his debut album, “For Your Entertainment.”

.......his (Kris Allen) self-titled debut, which was released last week. It’s a seamless continuation of his “Idol” run, full of gentle songs that he only rarely tries to rough up. The flattening of the recording process suits him well — unlike Mr. Lambert, who’s constantly wondering how to dole out his raw vocal power, Mr. Allen’s only concern is not getting swallowed outright. He succeeds somewhat on “Live Like We’re Dying,” a syrupy, apocalyptic number originally recorded by soft-rock droners the Script. And the producer Mike Elizondo, who’s worked with Dr. Dre, Fiona Apple and, recently, Carrie Underwood, another “Idol” winner, shocks Mr. Allen out of his comfort zone with “Can’t Stay Away,” a zippy Maroon 5 impression, and a light country-inflected number, “Is It Over.”
Mr. Allen is still accomplishing more with less, and he has made both the better album and the more apt one: it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

ps. I googled and find the NYT review article.