Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arkansas About To Claim Another Winner

Kris Allen is the American Idol, and his close friend and bandmate Cale Mills, representing Arkansas, is very close to becoming the 2009 Cosmo Bachelor of the Year.

Ahhh Arkansas. What a year for the state. Kris wins American Idol, Cale is about to win the Cosmo Bachelor of the Year. Little Rock is winning the Kradison concert. If we could vote on what the U.S. capital could be, I swear, Little Rock would win.

(And seriously? What are they feeding them in Arkansas to come out with two hot, talented guys like Kris and Cale?)

Kris put his official endorsement on Cale's candidacy at MTV.com. "He doesn't have to take his shirt off to be sexy. The other guy does," Kris said. "And he's got a beard. Which always wins."

You can vote for Cale (and against Matt Smith. Sorry, just saying!) at Cosmo in the Bachelor Wars. Cale is currently in the lead with 59% wins and 41% losses.

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