Saturday, October 31, 2009

Danyl Johnson Has His Scream On Moment

What IS it about rock & roll night that brings out the trainwrecks this year on these singing competitions? First Danny Gokey's Dream Scream On on American Idol, and now Danyl Johnson on X-Factor.

Like Danny, Danyl was an early favorite, but he just keeps losing favor with the public with each passing week. This week, Danyl sang "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing", and it just derailed right from the get-go. I'm thinking he couldn't hear the band because he started singing out of tune, and it took him till the chorus to get back in tune, and then he forgot the words twice before he hit the bridge and the big notes. It was a hot mess.

Naturally, Simon Cowell gave him a standing O when he hit the money note. Really, Simon? Really? One big note is going to be enough to overcome one full verse out of tune with dropped lyrics? Um, ok. Let's give him an A++++ for effort while we're at it.

Danyl was far from the only trainwreck during the show. John & Edward are still on the show, after all. Check out their "We Will Rock You":

Get Kris Allen CD Ringtones

Thumbplay has ringtones available for some of Kris Allen's songs from his self-titled CD, which means there are different and/or longer song samples to listen to!

The ringtones available are Can't Stay Away, Red Guitar, The Truth, Written All Over My Face, Before We Come Undone and Live Like We're Dying.

We've heard the full versions of 4 of those songs, so Red Guitar and The Truth were the ones I was most interested in hearing more of. And I'm in love with those two songs.

Here are the lyrics from The Truth ringtone:
Trying to be perfect trying not to let you down
Honesty is honestly the hardest thing for me right now
While the floor's underneath our feet are crumbling
The walls we built together are tumbling

And Red Guitar:
... Her red guitar
The color never fades away
No matter where she has a place
And my life was changed
When i saw the face of her red guitar

You can also get ringtones of Allison Iraheta's "Friday I'll Be Over U" and Adam Lambert's "Time For Miracles" on their respective pages (Allison | Adam), as well as ringtones for all the songs from the Top 10 Idols that are on the Idol compilation CD.

Thanks to @jasonklpn for the heads-up!

Wal-Mart Soundcheck's Kradison Interview

Here's the full version of the Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta Wal-Mart Soundcheck interview that they posted a preview of earlier.

They each talk about their albums, but seeing as how this interview happened in early September before the albums were even close to being completed, a lot of it seems moot. I did like Adam's description of his album: "a sonic dress-up party". And Kris standing on a box in the intro is always lol-worthy. As is this tidbit they wrote in the "About the Artist" tab: "Allison has beaten everyone to the chase with the release of her first single: 'Friday I'll Be Over U'" (Uhhhh wut? Allison's is the only one not available to buy right now. It did come out before Adam's did, but Kris' single came out like two weeks before Allison's).

Here's the link: Wal-Mart Soundcheck

FYE Single, Collector's Edition CD Available For Sale

Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" can be available for your entertainment now at his website, The song is streaming on the site, but if you want a digital download, you can purchase it there, via Sony Digital.

Additionally, a Collector's Edition of the For Your Entertainment CD is available for preorder for $24.99. The Collector's Edition includes the CD when it's released on Nov. 23, a 16-page, hard-cover 5.5"x5" picture book featuring never-before-seen photos, an instant download of the single "For Your Entertainment" and two bonus tracks that can be downloaded on Nov. 23.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Live Like We're Dying Music Video Coming Out Nov. 6

Kris Allen revealed in a radio interview with KISS FM in Peoria that the music video for his single "Live Like We're Dying" will be coming out on Nov. 6. The video was directed by Marco Puig and shot at night in the desert. Really curious to see how this turns out.

You can listen to the full interview below. He talked about who he worked with on the album and brought up Alex Band for the first time that I've heard. Hmm ... could there be another bonus track somewhere with an Alex Band song?

Kris Allen Interviews.mp3 - Big D Interviews Kris Allen

Kris was also on with WDVD in Detroit:

And lastly, Kris will be performing at the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien on Friday, Nov. 13, according to the website of his bass player Chris Torres.

For Your Entertainment Single Premiere

Adam Lambert's single "For Your Entertainment" had its world premiere on Ryan Seacrest's show at KIIS-FM this morning. And within minutes, it got on YouTube. Check it out at his official website:

Adam described the song as "dance music with a glam rock shuffle beat in the style of T-Rex/Rock and Roll Part 2, songs like that." I'm not really hearing rock in this. It's straight-up dance/pop music. I like the beats, although I think it could use a remix to up the tempo. I don't like the over-processing they did to Adam's voice, though. The beginning didn't sound like him at all. But it's a fun (and dirty) song and totally fits in with KIIS-FM's playlist, so I'm pretty sure this song is going to be a hit.

And the single cover? Should have been the CD cover. And also looks like something Rihanna would have done. Only thing missing is barbed wire over the chest.

Adam Lambert CD Track Listing

Barnes and Noble has the track listing for Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment CD:

1. Music Again 3:16 (written by Justin Hawkins)
2. For Your Entertainment 3:35 (written by Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly)
3. Whataya Want from Me 3:47 (written by Pink, Max Martin)
4. Strut 3:29 (written by Adam Lambert, Kara DioGuardi)
5. Soaked 4:33 (written by Matt Bellamy)
6. Sure Fire Winners 3:32
7. A Loaded Smile 4:04 (written by Adam Lambert, Linda Perry)
8. If I Had You 3:48
9. Fever 3:26
10. Sleepwalker 4:25 (written by Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsay, Ryan Tedder)
11. Aftermath 4:26
12. Broken Open 5:03
13. Time for Miracles (Bonus Track) 4:43

To pre-order the CD at, click here:
For Your Entertainment

ETA: Wal-Mart's mp3 page shows 14 tracks, with "Pick U Up" added as the 9th track.

So here's the updated list:
1. Music Again
2. For Your Entertainment
3. Whataya Want From Me
4. Strut
5. Soaked
6. Sure Fire Winners
7. A Loaded Smile
8. If I Had You
9. Pick U Up
10. Fever
11. Sleepwalker
12. Aftermath
13. Broken Open
14. Time For Miracles (Bonus Track)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adam Lambert's Single To Debut At KIIS FM Friday Morning

Ryan Seacrest will be debuting Adam Lambert's single "For Your Entertainment" on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles Friday morning at 6:55 am.

KIIS-FM streams live over the internet at Click on the Listen Live button on the upper left corner of the page.

The title track on Adam's album was written by Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly, who also collaborated to write Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" and Miley Cyrus' "Party In The USA". This was one of the three songs Lyndsey Parker from Yahoo Music wrote about last week, and she said, "Adam opens this one up, Rocky Horror-meets-Robbie Williams-style, with the audacious declaration: "I'm here for your entertainment!" And he ain't kidding. This is an ultra-caffeinated party-starter (imagine if Mika, Sam Sparro, and Kevin Rudolf had a threesome that resulted in the conception of a glittery alien baby...if you dare), and it's just begging to be remixed by everyone from Calvin Harris to the Neptunes to Justice--even though it sounds like a shiz-hawt remix already, as is."

New Kris Allen Acoustic LLWD Performance

Kris Allen performed an acoustic version of his single "Live Like We're Dying" at NBC Miami's South Florida Today while he was in Miami for the Dolphins Tailgate Party.

Check it out at or on YouTube:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adam Lambert Single Will Be "For Your Entertainment"

Adam Lambert went on a twitter spree today with all kinds of information. His first single is going to be "For Your Entertainment." It was produced by Dr. Luke, and Adam tweeted, "get ready to shake yo asses to this song. It'll make ya dance for sure. :)"

He also stated that he wrote on four songs on the album - "Strut" (with Kara DioGuardi), "Aftermath", "Broken Open" and an iTunes bonus track, "Down the Rabbit Hole." He also has revealed a new song title - "Soaked", which was written by Muse - and confirmed "Music Again" (written by Justin Hawkins of the Darkness) as being on the CD. Hmmm ... I guess his song with Linda Perry ("Loaded Smile") that he talked about with Entertainment Weekly didn't make the cut? (ETA: Also on the album, per a tweet from one of the songwriters, is "Sleepwalker", written by Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsay and Ryan Tedder)

Adam also took to Twitter to defend his album cover, which has been receiving very mixed reviews, with both sides pretty passionate about loving it or hating it. He tweeted: "Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It's an omage to the past. It IS ridiculous." ... "For those that don't get it: oh well... Glad to have gotten your attention." ... "androgyny. Rock n Roll."

That hasn't stopped some media outlets for hilariously poking fun at it. MTV News recreated the 11 most insane album covers by Idols, starring Jim Cantiello.

And Rolling Stone also did some fake Adam covers they'd like to see, including this hilarious one that's a send-up of the Xanadu soundtrack:

ETA: AfterElton did this also. This one below is Adam photoshopped onto Brooke Hogan's CD:

Allison Iraheta Photoshoot Video

Popeater posted a behind-the-scenes video from Allison Iraheta at one of her photo shoots. She looks great in these!

And I totally missed this announcement last week, but Allison will be performing at the Q107.5 (Memphis) Jingle Jam on Dec. 4 at Sam's Town Casino in Tunica, MS. Also at the Jingle Jam are Cobra Starship, Uncle Cracker, Kristinia DeBarge, Iyaz and Hey Monday.

Allison also recorded "Friday I'll Be Over U" in Spanish, and it will be called “El Viernes Te Olvido Yo!”

Kris Allen CD Song Snippets Available had 30-second snippets of Kris Allen CD tracks for most of the day before pulling them, but luckily industrious Kris fans who know that leak wouldn't last very long ripped them and posted them on YouTube.

I am too incoherent to post rational thoughts right now (I'll probably come back in and edit them in later tonight), but I will say that if the back-to-back combo of "Bring It Back"/"Red Guitar" lyrics makes me teary after 30 seconds, I may not make it past both full songs. And that would be a shame because Kris sounds amazing on "I Need To Know". Maybe he should sing flat on his back more often.

SYTYCD6 Music - Top 20 Performance Show

After being introduced to Amerikur on Monday, the So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 danced for the judges, who picked the bottom 4 and the two eliminated dancers due to the World Series changing the TV schedule of the show. With Billy Bell having to pull out of the show due to mono, Brandon Dumlao took his place with only half a week to rehearse and was immediately sent packing. That ... sucks. But there was no way he was going to stay after his fellow Bottom 4 dweller Russell Ferguson's SICK solo. Also eliminated was Ariana Debose after what I thought was a good performance, both in the hip-hop and especially in her solo.

The big highlight of the night for me was Travis Wall's contemporary routine, danced by Bianca Revels and Victor Smalley. Travis choreography + Victor leaps and spins = AMAZING.

Here are the music links for this episode:

Channing Cooke & Phillip Attmore - Jive (choreographed by Jason Gilkison)
"Rockin Robin" by Michael Jackson
iTunes |

Ashleigh DiLello & Jakob Karr - Broadway (choreographed by Tyce Diorio)
"Hit Me With A Hot Note (And Watch Me Bounce)" from the Sophisticated Ladies original soundtrack

Ariana Debose & Peter Sabasino - Hip-Hop (choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon)
"Black & Gold" by Sam Sparro
iTunes |

Russell Ferguson & Noelle Marsh Melanie LaPatin - Foxtrot (choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin)
"Vagabond Shoes" by Vic Damone
iTunes |

Bianca Revels & Victor Smalley - Contemporary (choreographed by Travis Wall)
"Wasted Time" by Me'Shell Ndegeocello

Karen Hauer & Kevin Hunte - Cha Cha (choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin)
"Push It" by The Glee cast
iTunes |

Ryan DiLello & Ellenore Scott - Contemporary Jazz (choreographed by Sonya Tayeh)
"Arcadia" by Apparat
iTunes |

Pauline Mata & Brandon Dumlao - Smooth Waltz (Choreographed by Jason Gilkison)
"You Light Up My Life" by Whitney Houston
iTunes |

Kathryn McCormick & Legacy - Hip-Hop (choreographed by Dave Scott)
"On & On" by Missy Elliott
iTunes |

Mollee Gray & Nathan Trasoras - Disco (choreographed by Doriana Sanchez)
"Turn The Beat Around" (Pablo's 12" remix) by Gloria Estefan
iTunes |

Ariana solo - "Darkest Hour" by Charlotte Martin

Russell solo - "Give The Drummer Sum" by Black Milk
iTunes |

Pauline solo - "Magalenha" by Sergio Mendes
iTunes |

Brandon solo - "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" by John Mayer
iTunes |

Ariana goodbye song - "Never Say Never" by The Fray
iTunes |

Brandon goodbye song - "Where It Ends" by 16 Frames
iTunes |

Kris Allen Y100 Acoustic Performances

In addition to his epic prank call, Kris Allen gave a private acoustic performance for some radio contest winners at Miami's Y100 on Monday. With stealth camera work, YouTube user yendiders got video of the performance with great audio. Loving "Live Like We're Dying" on solo acoustic guitar.

Man In The Mirror:

Live Like We're Dying:

Heartless (lol he skipped the second verse and repeated the first. How could you be so Dr. Evil, Kris Allen?!):

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Comparing Idol Runner-Up Album Covers

Almost every year, the American Idol runner-up gets totally shafted with album covers, and this year (surprisingly) is no exception. Adam Lambert's album cover was released today on his website, and it looks like Blake Lewis' Audio Day Dream hooked up with the Xanadu soundtrack (while watching Jem) and had a baby called For Your Entertainment.

I mean really? The font on Adam's name ... is that Times New Roman, and are we back in 1987?! The diagonal gradient fade on his left shoulder looks bad. And the hair. I really like Adam's hair with the blue streaks. But all electric blue? It makes him look like Illyria from Angel.

So since we played the Whose Idol Winner's Album Cover Is Best? game earlier (Kris Allen in a landslide), it's time for a new poll - Whose Idol Runner-Up's Album Cover Is The Worst?

Here's the display:

I think I'd go with Diana DeGarmo's as the best of the lot, I guess. The reflection on the window is a nice effect, and she looks pretty in it (although her shirt is kinda fug and that font is lame). Justin Guarini's CD is plain (although so was Kelly Clarkson's that year). Clay Aiken's was plain as well, but at least he had a color background in it, unlike Justin. They smoothed the hell out of Bo Bice, which is the complete opposite of what he was all about. That was not cool. They could have done SO much more with Katharine McPhee. The girl is gorgeous, but they overly curled her hair, put her in a bumblebee dress and had her legs spread open while wearing hooker boots. And what was up with her hand covering her ear? Was that so she wouldn't have to hear "Open Toes"? Blake Lewis' CD cover has been pretty much universally panned as one of the worst Idol covers ever (and then Adam pretty much used his background. Why?!). David Archuleta's CD is strange too because it doesn't look like him at all. He looks like a moody boy band member and not at all like the adorable little happy elf he normally is.

So weigh in on which one is the worst of the lot. There are a lot of bad ones to choose from. Sadly. But, as I've said before, I don't buy a CD because the cover's pretty, and I won't not buy a CD because the cover's ugly (but I will snark on it ...)

Chris Daughtry Confirms Kris Allen Bonus Track

Chris Daughtry announced on his Twitter page that Kris Allen's Wal-Mart bonus track "Send Me All Your Angels" is indeed the song that they wrote together. Chris looks to have posted that in response to some (stupid) faux-journalistic internet reports that Kris Allen may have "cost himself a hit record" by dropping the Chris Daughtry and Mat Kearney tracks from his album (I'm looking at you, MyIdolNews and Rock Star Weekly!).

Chris and Kris got together in July to write songs and was photographed in the studio together, along with Mike Elizondo. Elizondo has already written and produced three tracks on Kris' album ("Can't Stay Away", "Is It Over" and "Lifetime"), and I reckon that this will be the fourth.

Looks like I'll be braving a trek to Wal-Mart for this thing. Gulp.

Imogen Heap Covers Thriller

Check out Imogen Heap's piano-driven cover of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" that she performed for BBC Radio. It's genius.

SYTYCD Music - Meet The Top 20

Before I put the So You Think You Can Dance music links up, I just want to say that I LOVE that they had an introduction show for the Top 20 so that we can see for ourselves what each dancer can do in their own style. So many times, people get picked off because no one knows who they are or because they're dancing in a completely foreign style to them in the early episodes. This is great to have.

Group Routine - Top 20
"Comanche" by The Revels (choreographed by Wade Robson)

Hip-Hop: Russell Ferguson, Kevin Hunte, Legacy
"Beggin'" (District 78 Remix) by Madcon (choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon)
iTunes |

Contemporary: Nathan Trasoras, Ariana Debose, Jakob Karr, Channing Cooke
"Crying" by K.D. Lang (choreographed by Tyce Diorio)
iTunes |

Tap: Peter Sabasino, Bianca Revels, Phillip Attmore
"Take The A Train" by Ella Fitzgerald by (choreographed by Derick K. Grant)
iTunes |

Jazz: Mollee Gray, Pauline Mata, Ellenore Scott
"On A Cloud" by PPP (choreographed by Sonya Tayeh)
iTunes |

Contemporary: Victor Smalley, Noelle Marsh, Billy Bell, Kathryn McCormick
"Viva La Vida" by Coldplay (choreographed by Mandy Moore)
iTunes |

Latin Ballroom: Karen Hauer, Ryan DiLello, Ashleigh DiLello
"Everything I Can't Have" by Robin Thicke (choreographed by Jason Gilckison)
iTunes |

So the b-boys completely killed it on this show. That routine was ridiculous. And so are Jakob Karr's lines. Also ridiculous, but not in the same way - Mollee Gray's hair and Ashleigh DiLello's mugging. And OMG - was this a SYTYCD first? A Mandy Moore routine that didn't use an 80's song?!

Thanks to anyone who has been purchasing through these links!

New Kris Allen Interview With Your Time With Kim

Kris Allen called into the syndicated radio show Your Time With Kim last week and talked about life after Idol, his upcoming album and tour possibilities.

You can listen to the interview here:

Kris is ridiculously well-adjusted (and polite - he said "yes ma'am" to her like 4 times). I swear nothing rattles him (except maybe a vocal coach saying Kris Allen sounds like Clay Aiken. I am still LOL forever over that prank call!) The host asked Kris if he felt like some of his thunder was stolen by people saying Adam Lambert should have won American Idol, and he said, "Adam really is ... Adam's really good. It never got to me. I went out and did my thing, and if people didn't appreciate it, whatever. And the people that say stuff are the people that aren't happy with the outcome." (Yep! I'm glad he knows that's really the only reason.)

In regards to the album, Kris said there were about 20 songs to choose from. Which means there are probably about 5-8 Kris Allen songs floating around there that we may never get to hear. THAT IS TRAGIC.

As for touring, he said they are trying to figure out exactly what they are going to do, but it would maybe be sometime around February.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Danny Gokey To Perform At Milwaukee Bucks' Home Opener

Lil Rounds isn't the only Idol finalist performing at her hometown's NBA season opener. The Milwaukee Bucks announced on their Twitter page that Danny Gokey is going to sing the national anthem and perform at halftime at their season opener vs. the Detroit Pistons on Saturday, Oct. 31 (Coincidentally, the Pistons are also playing in the game that Lil is singing at. Think they'll be booking Matt Giraud for one of their games soon?).

Tickets are still available for the Bucks-Pistons game at TicketMaster.

Danny tweeted a hint of news today: "Just landed in L.A. Have a big day & collaboration to announce with one of the greatest places on earth. Tell u more 2morrow"

Kris Allen Pranks A Vocal Coach

Kris Allen and Y100 in Miami prank called a vocal coach they found on Craig's List. Check it out. It's HILARIOUS. The vocal coach doesn't know who is calling him and says Kris sounds kind of like Clay Aiken.

Kris: "Yeah, that Kris Allen guy. He sucks, man. But that Clay Aiken guy? Clay Aiken is the bomb, though." LOL!

Kris Allen Videos From Miami Dolphins Tailgate Party

It was a day of firsts for Kris Allen at the Miami Dolphins Tailgate Party. Kris performed with his band for the first time (the band consists of Cale Mills and Andrew on guitar, Chris Torres on bass, and Ryland on drums), and he also sang three new songs from his album for the first time ("Can't Stay Away", "Before We Come Undone" and "Written All Over My Face"), along with "Live Like We're Dying" and a new funkier version of "Baby One More Time" (I don't think I've EVER heard anything like that arrangement before. You go with your bad self, Kris Allen. Damn).

I love all of the songs, but "Can't Stay Away" is a hit waiting to happen. "Before We Come Undone" could be as well. Lyndsey Parker was right - the label is going to have a hard time deciding the next single. I am SO excited for the full album to come out!

Here are the videos:

Can't Stay Away (from WickedJovi)

Before We Come Undone (from angela54r)

Written All Over My Face (from WickedJovi)

Live Like We're Dying (from TheAnniebanannie)

Baby One More Time (from remotecontrolisms)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kris Allen Debuts 3 New Songs At Dolphins Tailgate

Kris Allen debuted three new songs from his upcoming album at the Miami Dolphins' Tailgate party this afternoon. In addition to singing his single "Live Like We're Dying" and a new rocking cover of "Baby One More Time", he sang "Can't Stay Away", "Before We Come Undone", and "Written All Over My Face,

These videos came from a live stream from aloverestrained:

Live Like We're Dying
Can't Stay Away
Before We Come Undone (part 1 | part 2).
Baby One More Time

The new songs are amazing!

Better video will be showing up on YouTube later today, I'm sure. You can hit refresh here to YT-stalk.

U2 Concert Live Webcast On YouTube Tonight

U2's sold-out concert at the Rose Bowl tonight will be webcast globally live on YouTube starting at 8:30 pm PT.

It will be available to viewers in the U.S., the U.K., France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico, India, Israel, South Korea and the Netherlands. If anyone can watch this concert live without streaming issues, I will be shocked. Following the show, an archived version will be available at

I will be amongst the 96,000 people at the Rose Bowl, so look for me (ha)!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lil Rounds Singing At Memphis Grizzlies' Opening Night

Lil Rounds booked her first post-Idol tour gig. She will be singing the national anthem at the Memphis Grizzlies' Opening Night against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

Also performing pregame is Three 6 Mafia with America's Best Dance Crew season 1 winners JabbaWockeez during player introductions. JabbaWockeez will also perform at halftime.

Game time is 7 pm. Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster and start at $5 (5 dollars?! You can't even get a hot dog for $5 at Laker games!)

Anoop Desai At NC State Fair

Anoop Desai performed in concert on Oct. 22 at the NC State Fair, doing 14 songs, including an original, "Give In To Her Love," and current hits "Down" by Jay Sean and "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks, along with some songs he did on American Idol.

Jordin heard about Anoop's cover and tweeted "YEAAAAAH ANOOP!!! :D" with a link to the video. Awww.

The setlist, per ONTD_AI:

B.U.D.D.Y. (by Musiq Soulchild)
What You Do (by Chrisette Michele)
True Colors (by Cyndi Lauper)
With You (by Chris Brown)
Let Me Love you (by Mario)
I Need A Girl (by Trey Songz)
Go On Girl (by Ne-Yo)
Always On My Mind (by Willie Nelson)
Down (by Jay Sean)
Give In To Her Love (original)
Used to Love You (by John Legend)
For All We Know (by Donny Hathaway)
Carolina In My Mind (by James Taylor)
Battlefield (by Jordin Sparks)

Check out some videos from the concert on YouTube:

Give In To Her Love:


There are more videos from the concert on tawneej23's YouTube channel.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kris Allen Is In Miami Trick

Kris Allen is in Miami this weekend, getting ready to perform at the Miami Dolphins' Tailgate Party. Today, he had a bunch of media opportunities, including two TV interviews and a big photo op at Landshark Stadium. (And I really hope Kris Allen gets to do more sports gigs like the one he is doing at the Miami Dolphins' Tailgate Party on Sunday, not only because it reaches a whole different audience than the usual AI fans, but also because it generates a lot of media interest!)

Before even leaving for Miami in Thursday, Kris had already done a radio interview with ESPN 760. Since arriving, he's done interviews with Fox & Friends (lol so awkward; they couldn't hear each other, the satellite delay was bad, and random cheerleaders were so random) and WSVN in Miami. In the latter interview, he revealed that he would be singing "Live Like We're Dying" + four new songs!

This is pure speculation based on what Lyndsey Parker and Kris discussed in the Yahoo interview, but I think the four songs will be Can't Stay Away, Before We Come Undone, Written All Over My Face and Alright With Me. It's a football tailgate - he's gotta go upbeat and rockin', and those four songs seem to fit the bill based on what they said.

AI Now is saying that some of these performances could be televised, but I would be surprised if it's more than just a quick video going into or coming out of commercial. The game is at 4 ET on Fox (you'll need to check your local listings to see what game they pick in your area), and those games rarely get a pregame show because of the 1 pm game that precedes it. However, I'm sure there will be some Kris fans in attendance to capture the songs for YouTube.

There were also photos taken at Land Shark Stadium today, with Kris hilariously hamming it up for the cameras with a bunch of various faces, including a priceless stank face while donning a football helmet. A bunch of photos are up on different gossip sites, including Just Jared and and

In addition, Kris was interviewed by the Sun-Sentinel about the football gig. The Miami Dolphins website also has a story up, with some additional information. Looks like Kris will be walking the "orange carpet" and will also be featured in some videoboard messages during the game. And for some reason, it didn't dawn on me at all till I read this article that the jersey #17 he was wearing signified the album release date on Nov. 17.

Also today was a radio interview with WPRO in Providence, RI:

And in non-media events, Kris had dinner with Season 8 Idol semifinalist Alex Wagner-Trugman. Kris tweeted a picture of Trugs, who then tweeted a picture of Kris tweeting. Cute!