Friday, September 04, 2009

SYTYCD Picks Its 15 Best Routines

So You Think You Can Dance aired a special this week, picking its 15 Best Routines in five seasons. I picked my 15 a few days before it aired, and shared 9 of the show's 15 favorites.

Here is the list of the show's 15 routines:

Season 1 -
Jamile/Destini - Hip-Hop (Shake, choreographed by Shane Sparks)
Nick/Melody - Broadway (All That Jazz, Tyce Diorio)

Season 2 -
Benji/Heidi - Mambo (Black Mambo, Alex DaSilva)
Ivan/Allison - Contemporary (Why, Tyce Diorio)
Travis/Heidi - Contemporary (Calling You, Mia Michaels)

Season 3 -
Hok/Jaimie - Jazz (The Chairman's Waltz, Wade Robson)
Sabra/Neil - Jazz (Sweet Dreams, Mandy Moore)
Lacey/Danny - Samba (Hip Hip Chin Chin, Dmitry Chaplin)
Pasha/Lauren - Transformers Hip-Hop (Fuego, Shane Sparks)

Season 4 -
Mark/Courtney - Jazz (The Garden, Sonya Tayeh)
Mark/Chelsie - Hip-Hop (Bleeding Love, Tabitha & Napoleon)
Katee/Joshua - Contemporary (Hometown Glory, Mia Michaels)

Season 5 -
Janette/Brandon - Disco (Loving Is Really My Game, Dorianna Sanchez)
Kayla/Kupono - Contemporary (Gravity, Mia Michaels)
Jason/Jeanine - Contemporary (If It Kills Me, Travis Wall)

And a bonus pick from Nigel - the dance he selected as his all-time favorite on the show:
Melissa/Ade - Contemporary (This Woman's Work, Tyce Diorio)

I have a few bones to pick. No "No Air"?! Don't get me wrong. "Hometown Glory" was amazing, and it really is hard to choose from Katee and Joshua's dances because they had SO many good ones. But "No Air" was so amazing. And I think it was their closing number on tour. And of all of Brandon and Janette's great dances, they picked disco? The judges gave their Argentine Tango a standing ovation! I'm also miffed at not having Lacey and Kameron's "Dancing" on the list but not surprised. They didn't even pick it for the finale that year. And what is with the lack of Latin ballroom on this list?

And a few random stats - Heidi and Mark are the only two dancers with more than one dance on here, and Tyce and Mia have the most routines with three each.

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