Thursday, September 03, 2009

People Video: Can't Miss TV

Stars reveal their can't-miss TV shows in the latest One Question segment. Neil Patrick Harris' is the Muppet Show (not Sesame Street but close enough). Rob Thomas says he is emotionally invested in Lost. Sara Bareilles names the Golden Girls is her favorite TV show of all-time. "They're sassy bitches! I love me some old sassy bitches." she says. LOL!

Julianne Hough and boyfriend Chuck Wicks got into Rock Of Love. Ewww. Jesse James (Mr. Sandra Bullock) said Real Housewives of NYC. And I think he spent his entire interview segment with People trying to come up with the most random answers because in another interview, he said Gloria Steinem was his celebrity crush.

And in a shocking (or not) Idol development, Kris Allen says that his favorite TV show is Boy Meets World, calling it the "cheesiest and funniest show that was ever created."

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