Saturday, September 05, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Madison

The Capital Times review of Friday's show in Madison called Adam Lambert a rock star and said that he is "one of the rare performers on the megahit television show who transcends its pageantry and overworked vocal covers with a blast of relevancy."

The writer gave an interesting description of Adam's set: "he's a tripped-out, Depp-esque Willy Wonka tour guide looking to strap the audience into a rollercoaster ride through his X-rated fun factory."

Good review for Matt Giraud also: "The first glimmer of freshness came with Matt Giraud (#5). When he leapt onstage with 'Hard to Handle,' he punched a hole right through all that slick and stuffy talent show-iness, and kept going with a ringing falsetto on 'Georgia on My Mind.'"

Some constructive criticism for Allison Iraheta: "But as powerful as her singing is, she still gives songs the good ol' American Idol vocal treatment. 'Cry Baby' would be that much stronger if she just held back 10 percent and gave it some breathing room instead of beating every line into submission. Give her time and she'll probably figure it out." (sorry, but if he thinks Allison beats songs into submission, what concert is it where Adam is singing "Whole Lotta Love" in a subdued manner?)

Danny Gokey's Latin dance break in "Maria Maria" was called "great" (that's a first)

The reviewer thought Kris Allen was "easily upstaged" by Adam (yawning at the comparisons again) but that he had a "real shining moment [with] an outta-left-field, absolutely genius cover of Kanye West's 'Heartless.'"

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