Sunday, September 06, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Star review reads a little odd, but it seems as if the reviewer enjoyed Kris Allen most on a more musical level and Adam Lambert on a more entertainment level.

For Kris, the reviewer said that he did not "out-entertain" Adam, but he called "Ain't No Sunshine" a "can't-miss cover" and said the song "provided space and flexibility for Allen to wrap his smooth voice around every available heartstring." He also wrote that Kris "grasped a gem in Matchbox Twenty's 'Bright Lights.' Playing piano at the outset, the Arkansan communicated a heap of emotional comfort worthy of Elton John. At the end of 'Bright Lights,' Allen replicated a guitar solo by Kyle Cook -- the native Hoosier in Matchbox Twenty's lineup."

The "out-entertain" comment made me think he enjoyed Adam's set as a whole, but I think some particular songs weren't so much to his liking. He called "Whole Lotta Love" a "Broadway show-stopper that zoomed high notes over the moon and assorted planets" and noted that Adam didn't bring any of Robert Plant's "bluesy yearning". And he called the Bowie medley "aimless."

The section on Danny Gokey was a little mixed as well. The lead of the story is devoted to Danny and his "hipster makeover," and it was said that his "go-for-broke renditions of Rascal Flatts ballads 'What Hurts the Most' and 'My Wish' earned standing ovations," but that each song he did just got the crowd closer to Adam's set.

As for the others, he said that Lil Rounds "radiated a vibe of victory during 'Single Ladies' (Put a Ring on It)", that Matt Giraud "showed range when tackling both Otis Redding and the Fray" and that Scott MacIntyre "applied his pure and nimble voice to Vanessa Carlton's 'A Thousand Miles.'"

Everyday Christian reviewed the concert as well and focused a lot on the crowd reaction to Adam Lambert. The review also stated that the biggest highlights of the first half were Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai's "My Prerogative" and Matt Giraud's "Hard To Handle." As for the second half of the show, he said that watching Allison Iraheta, it was "genuinely amazing, as had been commented on by the 'Idol' judges, to see this petite teenager pound out rock anthems with the raspy maneuverings of a woman twice her age." Danny Gokey took time to relate to the crowd and also "showed noticeable improvement on the dance moves that sent Simon Cowell into a tizzy or two on the show." Adam "showed the stagecraft honed as an actor in playing to the crowd immediately, using his rare ability to stretch out notes repeatedly on the Led Zeppelin classic 'Whole Lotta Love.'" Kris Allen's performance was called "solid and in complete contrast to Lambert. The applause for him was strong and polite, but without the fawning exuberance directed toward Lambert. Allen’s repeat of 'Ain’t No Sunshine' from the Idol final was a vibrant illustration of why he generated the appeal he did. He concluded with an audience-wide sing-along on The Beatles standard 'Hey Jude.'"

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