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Idol News Roundup - 9/4/09

Allison Iraheta talks about song selection on Idol during Part Three of her LA Times Ultimate Interview. She mentions originally wanting to do "Beat It" on Michael Jackson week, which Anoop ended up (unfortunately) doing. "I was going to do 'Beat It' and I gave it to Anoop. He hated me after I gave it to him," she said. "I make fun of him now because we’re a dysfunctional family and I tell him, 'Anytime you need me to give you a song, Anoop, just call me up and I’d be glad to help.' He just says, 'Shut up.' After I gave 'Beat It' to Anoop, I was still a little off as to what song I was going to do. I was thinking of 'Bad,' 'Thriller,' I don’t know. And then I was talking to Kris and he helped me out. He said, 'There’s a really good song. I’m hearing it right now, and you’d sound great on it.' He showed it to me, and the first time I heard it, I fell in love with it. So I went for it. I learned it and it went great."

Matt Giraud chats with his hometown paper, the Kalamazoo News, about working for a record deal. He says, "The next couple of weeks are more important than the rest of the tour has been. I keep in mind some people do this and you never hear from them again. My goal is to keep going. It's really important to be confident and show what kind of artist I'd be and kind of convert people."

Better Than Ezra frontman Kevin Griffin is working on songs for possible use on Adam Lambert and Kris Allen's albums, reports MTV News. Griffin, who co-wrote "Collide" by Howie Day, says the sound they are going for with Adam is an "international, pop-rock, goth sound" and that there will probably also be some disco. :| Griffin went on to say, "I know what they're wanting, and I think it's going to be something that you could hear in between a Fall Out Boy song and a Kylie Minogue song. You'd mash that together and put some mascara on it."

In other Adam news, he was spotted dining at SUSHISAMBA rio with family in Chicago on Thursday night by the Chicago Tribune About Last Night blogger. The blogger also got scoop on where Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver, Danny Gokey and Scott MacIntyre ate. Hard-hitting news on press day, I see.

WKOW-TV talked to Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Scott MacIntyre, plus some fans, prior to the Madison concert on Friday.

Blast Magazine talked with Allison Iraheta, Scott MacIntyre and Michael Sarver (whose name they spelled Scarver. Geez.) before their show in Boston. The article also has an accompanying photo gallery from the concert with some great pictures, including one of "Adam Lambert, 23, from Los Angelas". LOL.

The Morning Call had a mixed review for Kelly Clarkson's concert, her first since cancelling her show in Minnesota due to vocal issues. The reviewer hated the first half and liked the second. I was a little offended by this line: "It’s not that Clark can’t be the rock chick she thinks she is – it’s just that if she wants to do that instead of the songs that really let her voice shine, she should realize there are many others who are far better at it. Take, for example, opening act Krista, a 22-year-old New Yorker who mixed Amy Lee-like histrionic vocals with mean, ripping rap rhymes in her five-song, 25-minute set." First of all, let's get Kelly's last name right. Second of all, Krista is no Amy Lee, and she's certainly no Kelly Clarkson.

The Harvard Crimson reviewed Brooke White's CD, High Hopes & Heartbreak. The review gave top praise to the title track: "Here, White truly perfects her style; the Simon and King influences are certainly present vocally, but the song is contemporary and even jazzy. The addition of the electric guitar on this track—most others feature acoustic or piano—gives the necessary 2009 feel that persists as the album continues. Over the course of this one song, White reminds her listeners that although she may be influenced by these illustrious artists of the 70s, she is, herself, an artist of the present. With these triumphs, 'High Hopes and Heartbreak' is a remarkably tasteful juxtaposition of past and present styles."

In a video and text interview with Popeater, Blake Lewis talks about his upcoming album, his music video for "Sad Song" (which stars Season 8 semifinalist Casey Carlson) and working with producer Dave Aude.

Kellie Pickler chats with the Charlotte Observer about touring and traveling, her shoe addiction and dating Kid Rock (she says, "I did? We're just friends.").

This week's Tweet Beat with MTV's Jim Cantiello has an array of Idol Tweets, starting with Fart-gate, which led to a funny "No Boundaries" joke; the one-sided Ryan Seacrest-Spencer Pratt Twitter feud, a Justin Guarini tweet that led to a funny From Justin To Kelly joke, a gratuitous Kris Allen mention because Jim loves him, and ending with a non-Idol but serious LOL moment when talking about #chrisbrownsbowtie and Chris Brown's fashion sense.

Young Hollywood filmed these interviews from the pre-show press junket at the Staples Center back in mid-July and is just now making it available:

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