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Idol News Roundup - 9/3/09

Matt Giraud talks to the Grand Rapids Press about his "redemption tour" and says he is "in talks" with record labels!!!! YESSSSSSS! #SignMattGiraud!!! At the bottom of the article is a little write-up of each of the 10 Idols. I thought this was amusing - Adam Lambert's Did You Know? fact is "Runner-up Adam was roommates with Kris during the show's season." After all the times that the media has been All.About.Adam, it amuses me that Adam's note was related to Kris Allen.

The Kennebec Journal previews the concert in Portland, Maine with an interview with Matt, who says he has been booking headlining shows in Michigan and fund-raisers in Napa Valley.

Part two of the LA Times' Allison Iraheta Ultimate interview talks about her audition. She waited outside in line for 14 hours at her audition. She said, "A lot of us said, 'We’re going to sleep in the car.' But then I saw some people walking in. I said, 'Hold on. Why does this guy have a sleeping bag and he’s walking in and I’m in the car? Oh, hell no!' I get out of the car and I start running. I saw a line of about 20 people already camping out. I said, 'It’s 7 p.m. and I’m going to start waiting in line.' So I stayed. We were one of the first 50 people to go in."

Danny Gokey is featured in the Wisconsin State Journal. Regarding the "hysteria" surrounding Adam Lambert, Danny says, "We joke about it all the time. We have so much fun with it. He's really good about it, too. We wouldn't do it if it offended him. We respect each other. We like to tease each other. But we're quick to support each other." (People still pissed about fart-gate on Twitter should read that, btw).

Danny is also featured in the Danbury News Times, where he talks about how he got into music and how he was able to continue with it after his wife's passing. He said, "It was as simple as this: when she passed, I didn't want to live anymore. And usually when people endure a tragedy the reason why we don't want to live is because we have nothing to look forward to. Literally everything that we can think of that we want is not there anymore. The point that I started dreaming again, I started finding hope again, I started finding purpose, that was in 'American Idol.' Here's the simplest answer: It gave me something to look forward to, whereas before I had nothing to look forward to."

The Danbury News Times also talked with Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle). He said he is looking forward to seeing the tour. "All of those guys are the best and I cannot say nicer things about them," he said. "I know it sounds so politically correct, but we all truly bonded together for those six weeks we were out in Hollywood. Under that insane amount of sleep deprivation, reality TV drama, criticism on what your passion is you kind of all form an intense bond under that type of stress. It was kind of like a maximum security karaoke prison." He also said about Danny, "Danny is the best, I wish I could sing like him; I love his voice! He is the nicest guy also -- he has gospel runs like Stevie Wonder! And he truly is an inspiration to keep on following your dreams no matter what happens in life -- the guy is amazing!"

Danny got no hometown love from the Milwaukee Decider, though, in regards to his country record deal. Although this line made me laugh at the idea of it: "There’s no way Gokey is a legitimate R&B star—can you imagine this guy singing something like 'Birthday Sex'?" Uh, no.

Kratt (Kris Allen and Matt Giraud) sighting by Chicago Tribune's About Last Night blogger. They were spotted after Wednesday's concert at the Rockit Bar & Grill.

Lil Rounds is interviewed on the American Idol website. Lil talks about touring and the bond she and the other girls have formed.

The Badger Herald, the University of Wisconsin school paper, interviewed Megan Joy. Megan said, "so far modeling and TV look like they’re gonna pan out for me and I’m stoked to start working on that. I’m starting a band and I’m going to do music forever."

KSNT in Kansas City has pre-show video interviews with Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre from earlier in the week.

Fox 17 in Grand Rapids talked with Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, and Scott MacIntyre.

Melinda Doolittle talks with News On 6 (check out video link at the top right) during a rehearsal at her former high school.

Part 2 of Blake Lewis' Reality Rocks interview is up. He talked about how he wanted to bring sex to American Idol and butting heads with Nigel Lythgoe about doing "Time of the Season".

There's also a blog post on Reality Rocks about all of the upcoming Idol releases.

Rolling Stone reports that Kellie Pickler teamed up with Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons and wrote a tune together in the bathroom of a restaurant. The song is called "Blake Tears" and is, according to Tranter, "all about crying while wearing too much makeup. So country, so glam, so rock & roll, so beautiful." He said about Kellie, "We just clicked instantly, probably because we look like gorgeous blonde twins, both wearing 5-inch heels separated at birth and raised on different planets." LOL.

The Oklahoman talks about Carrie Underwood's single being rushed to radio after an unfinished version was leaked on the internet.

Fantasia Barrino gets rave reviews for her work in The Color Purple. Read reviews from the Chicago Tribune blog, Chicago Now and Chicago Daily Herald.

Taylor Hicks got a good review by the Dallas Morning News for his role in Grease.

Ruben Studdard is recording a song that will benefit the Be Sickle Smart program. The song is called "I Am A Fighter", and you can listen to it at the Yahoo Music Hip-Hop Media Training Blog. Ruben co-wrote the song, which is about living with Sickle Cell Anemia and written from the point of view of a survivor.

Season 1 finalist Jim Verraros is getting married to his boyfriend. They have been dating for four years and met on MySpace.

And Idolatry is getting a spin-off during the off-season! Check out a trailer for Michael Slezak's Idolatry cousin Réalité, which will premiere on Sept. 25. The clip has some Idol references, naturally, including a #signMattGiraud reference.

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