Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 9/2/09

More from USA Today about Danny Gokey's record deal. Sony Music Nashville chairman Joe Galante addressed the rumblings about Danny just jumping into this genre, saying, "I don't know that there's a natural pedigree you have to get to get into this format. I think it really comes down to what your commitment is once you make the record, not what you say before."

The Reuters blog weighs in on Danny's switch to country deal: "Competing this year on 'American Idol,' contestant Danny Gokey often sought to cut an image in viewers’ minds as an R&B singer, but now that a record label tied to the TV program has flashed a contract in front of him, the Wisconsin native has decided he’s a country singer."

Kris Allen is featured in the latest PopStar Q&A, which seems to have been conducted in late July. Kris says the only thing he would have changed from Idol is performing in the pit and that other than that, he is a "man of no regrets". He also says he is "absolutely" writing some songs by himself, along with co-writing. And his message to the fans is "American Idol fans are the best seriously. I try to say every night because of you we are able to play music hopefully for the rest of our lives which is the thing we love the most. As people that come out of American Idol we owe everything to you. I love the fans and I think it is very flattering that they care so much."

MTV news did a very unscientific Oh Snap! poll, asking what looks to be the Alexa Chung studio audience waiting outside to get in whose album they would buy - Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Jason Castro or Kris Allen. Of the people they asked, 61% said Carrie. For whatever reason, MTV is under the impression that all four albums are coming out on the same day, which, uh, is totally wrong. Carrie's comes out Nov. 3, Kris and Jason's Nov. 17 and Adam's Nov. 24. I'm not sure why MTV News keeps getting music news wrong. Oh wait. Maybe it's because they don't actually PLAY music anymore!

The Minneapolis Star Tribune review that was posted under Minneapolis Tour Reviews last night added video highlights from the concert along with some of the pre-show interviews with Kris Allen, Michael Sarver, Anoop Desai and Scott MacIntyre.

Playbill has a Q&A with Constantine Maroulis. Check out this quote about singing with Queen on Idol: "It was an incredible experience, and when I did the song on "American Idol," it was still so early on in the season and all, that they hadn't had one song really jump out of the show like that until then, and I was honored to jump into those shoes to do that, but we were just at the beginning of the digital age for downloading and stuff, so they saw the spike in their catalog, and it was the first time that people were saying, 'Wow, maybe this 'Idol' thing could really help sell the records of these artists as well,' and thereafter you started seeing more artists comply with letting them use their songs on the show, and then you saw more and more artists lining up to perform on the show." Is it just me, or is he taking credit for the start of sales spiking for original songs on Idol? Because I'm pretty sure "Alone" sales spiked up big time after Carrie Underwood did it a few weeks before Constantine did "Bohemian Rhapsody".

The Winston-Salem Journal and Greensboro News-Record have stories on Fantasia in The Color Purple.

Part 1 of Blake Lewis's Reality Rocks interview is up.

Season 7 almost-Top 12er Asia'h Epperson is performing in the music showcase ASCAP Presents… Women Behind the Music on Sept. 8 at the Highlands in Hollywood. Also performing is Goapele. Doors open at 7:30pm and the event runs from 8-11:30 pm. It is free for 21-and-over with RSVP to

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