Saturday, August 22, 2009

Video Of The Day - Paparazzi Attack

A little bit of old-ish news, but I missed this somehow, On Tuesday in Croatia, Beyonce and Jay-Z were being followed by paparazzi as they walked towards their boat at night. Their security guy Julius tried to impede their photo/video taking, and later, as they got on the boat, one videographer threw his big tripod at his back. Julius nearly threw it right back at him but with Jay-Z trying to stop him from doing so, he instead opted to toss it into the sea. The crowd gathering nearby cheered. LOL. As the boat left the dock, he flipped the paparazzi guy off, which prompted him to hurl something else at him. That dude should have been arrested for assault. He didn't just toss stuff at the bodyguard, he threw that last thing like he was throwing a 98 mph fastball.

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