Monday, August 31, 2009

SYTYCD's Best Routines

On Wednesday at 8 pm, Fox is airing a one-hour special to showcase its 15 Best Routines Ever. Since I'm not sure how they are actually picking the dances here (Will there be group dances? Will there pick three dances per season? Will they pick dances they just showcased in the finale a few weeks ago?), I'm going to list here my own personal picks for the show, listed in chronological order.

Season 1 (0 picks)
I only saw like 2 or 3 episodes of Season 1, but I have seen a couple of dances on YouTube. I wouldn't put any of them in the Top 15, but since I'm sure they will include at least 2, I think it will be Destini-Jamile Hip-Hop and Melody-Nick Disco or Broadway.

Season 2 (3 picks)
My picks are Allison-Ivan Contemporary (song: "Why", choreographed by Tyce Diorio); Travis-Heidi Contemporary ("Calling You", Mia Michaels), aka the Bench Dance; and Benji-Heidi Mambo ("Black Mambo", Alex Da Silva).

Season 3 (4 picks)
This is when it starts to get difficult. I'd go with Lacey-Kameron Contemporary ("Dancing", Mia Michaels); Jaimie-Hok Jazz ("The Chairman's Waltz", Wade Robson), aka the Hummingbird Dance; Lacey-Danny Samba ("Hip Hip Chin Chin", Dmitry Chaplin & Heidi Groskreutz); and Sabra-Neil Jazz ("Sweet Dreams", Mandy Moore). I hated to leave off Lauren-Pasha's Transformer's Hip-Hop, but something had to go.

Season 4 (5 picks)
This was by far the hardest season to make cuts in. Season 4 had the most dances to choose from and was the best choreographed season. Had to go with Katee-Joshua Hip-Hop ("No Air", Tabitha & Napoleon); Chelsie-Mark Hip-Hop ("Bleeding Love", Tabitha & Napoleon); Jessica-Will Contemporary ("Silence", Tyce Diorio); Katee-Joshua Bollywood ("Dhoom Taana", Nakul Dev Mahajan); and Comfort-Twitch Hip-Hop ("Forever", Dave Scott).

Season 5 (3 picks)
The true standouts for me were Kayla-Kupono Contemporary ("Gravity", Mia Michaels); Janette-Brandon Argentine Tango ("Libertango", Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo); Jeanine-Jason Contemporary ("If It Kills Me", Travis Wall). Jeanine-Brandon's Paso Doble and Janette-Brandon's burglar routine are also right up there but just barely missed the cut.

Based on comments I've seen from Nigel and others, I fully expect the Melissa-Ade cancer dance and the Katee-Twitch door dance to be included.

Prior to the finale, Entertainment Weekly made a list of its 15 Greatest Routines. I picked almost all of these as well. And I might just agree with their No. 1. That routine just got to me.

EW 15 Greatest Routines

1. Katee-Joshua Hip-Hop ("No Air")
2. Travis-Heidi Contemporary (bench routine)
3. Sabra-Neil Jazz ("Sweet Dreams")
4. Benji-Heidi Mambo ("Black Mambo")
5. Kayla-Kupono Contemporary ("Gravity")
6. Allison-Ivan Contemporary ("Why")
7. Lacey-Danny Samba ("Hip Hip Chin Chin")
8. Chelsie-Mark Hip-Hop ("Bleeding Love")
9. Janette-Brandon Jazz (Wade Robson burglar routine)
10. Jaimie-Hok Jazz (hummingbird dance)
11. Katee-Joshua Bollywood
12. Nick-Melody Broadway
13. Travis-Benji Hip-Hop (Tranji!)
14. Lacey-Kameron Contemporary ("Dancing")
15. Sara-Pasha West Coast Swing

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Daily said...

Yeah I think you covered all the bases here. Although I'm not sure I agree that S4 had better choreo than S3. I think in S3 all the choreographers were at the top of their game and we got Mandy, then the next year we lost Wade and Mia and Mandy started sucking.

The EW's list is whack but they've got the right routines for the most part.