Sunday, August 02, 2009

Return Of The BubbleTweets

It's been a little while since the Idols have BubbleTweeted, and we've got two new ones today featuring all of the guys.

The first BubbleTweet came from Danny Gokey, saying hi to Kradam (Kris Allen and Adam Lambert), Granny (him and Matt Giraud), Scodd (Scott MacIntyre and his brother Todd), and Anoopael (Anoop Desai and Michael Sarver).

Matt Giraud followed up a few minutes later with a BubbleTweet that shows him playing guitar. Then Matt pans to Kris and Adam, who are sitting on the couch looking at him all "WUT". Kris holds up his arm and gives Matt a big thumbs down, and then someone else (Scott maybe?) yells out "You suck!" Matt makes a face and then replies, "Yeah, so what? I can't play guitar. I'm not a very good guitarist. But I play the keyboard. For real. I play all kinds of notes. Black keys. White keys. Major keys. Minor keys. Whatever!" Then Danny pipes up "Go-keys." LOL!

If you can't view the BubbleTweets, they're also on YouTube already:

And after asking the fans to send them some BubbleTweets, Matt picked out the best one and made a special BubbleTweet with Kris and Anoop for that person. Here's their BubbleTweet to her. And her hilarious BubbleTweet to them where she references some of their prior Tweets (especially funny is the one where she says "Blllollllllu", which Danny accidentally tweeted one day with his cheek while he was on the phone).

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